How to Deal With Road Rage in Baltimore

road rage pinder plotkin

The National Safety Council describes road rage as “aggressive, sometimes violent, behavior by drivers usually stemming from stress related to driving or non-driving factors.” In other words, road rage involves committing traffic offenses to hurt someone else. Sometimes, it can be so bad that it results in fatal traffic crashes. In any case, if you […]

How Do I Detect My Child’s PTSD After a Car Accident?

car accident ptsd child

Many things can happen after a car accident in Maryland. Depending on the severity of the accident, you could sustain life-threatening injuries. Even in minor crashes, the consequences can also be devastating. As such, having a Maryland car accident lawyer to get compensation on your behalf may provide some relief for you. Apart from physical […]

Disputing Your Fault Percentage in a Car Accident in Maryland

police officer talks to man after car accident

Maryland car accident lawyers are skilled at determining fault in a car accident. This crucial process determines who pays for an accident’s losses. Notably, accident lawyers know that victims and the other driver often share responsibility in a collision. For example, suppose the victim was distracted while driving. Now, imagine that the other driver hit […]

Can I Sue a Mechanic for Negligence in Maryland?

car accident concept of mechanic negligence

Under personal injury law, negligence refers to a reckless action that hurts someone else’s body or property. For example, a careless medical doctor may further complicate your health by forgetting surgical tools in your body after surgery. In such situations, a Maryland personal injury lawyer can help to get adequate compensation on your behalf. Another […]

How Pre-Existing Injuries Affect Your Car Accident Claim

who to call when in car accident

Imagine you had a car accident and suffered leg injuries. Now, suppose you already had leg surgery because of a fracture. That fracture is what’s known as a pre-existing injury. Pre-existing injuries are underlying medical conditions before current accident injuries. Maryland car accident lawyers know how pre-existing injuries affect compensation claims. Some insurance companies refuse […]

How To Handle a Car Accident on a Private Property

car crash on private property

A crash on private property is concerning. The moments immediately after a car accident in Maryland can leave you in shock. If you sustained any injuries or property damage, you might start to wonder how to fix them. If you’re sure that you were driving carefully, you’ll naturally get furious with the other driver. In […]

Explaining Staged Accidents in Maryland

staged accidents 01

Staged accidents are rare, but they do occur. Maryland car accident lawyers encounter several collision types. These auto crashes are usually confusing and emotionally overwhelming for victims. Furthermore, significant health and financial consequences usually follow accidents. So, imagine how Maryland drivers feel when they learn their accident was staged. That is, some people drive around […]

What Are My Rights as a Car Accident Victim?

Maryland Avenue Rollover pinder plotkin

Humans generally have rights that the law protects. After a car accident, the crash often leaves a victim in a traumatized state. Without any form of protection, victims of vehicle accidents may be exploited. Therefore, the law recognizes certain rights that they have. However, the existence of these rights doesn’t mean that people or entities […]

What Is Bodily Injury Liability?

bodily injury liability

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are as a motorist, accidents do occur.  Accidents are accidents because they can sometimes be inevitable, and other times they may be due to your negligence. Vehicle owners are required to have car liability insurance coverage. They usually have two liability insurance coverage: bodily injury liability coverage and property […]

Who Should You Call After a Car Accident?

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Crash pinder plotkin

Motor vehicle accidents are often life-altering events. They can especially change the course of your health and finances. Furthermore, what you do after an auto crash can determine how much your life changes. For instance, who you call or don’t call can have significant positive or adverse effects following the crash. If you’re ever in […]

What Type of Doctor Do I Need After a Car Accident?

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Three things are inevitable from car accidents:  injuries, death, and property damages. The first could either be minor or severe. When it is severe, it could result in catastrophic or permanent damages to the victim. This is why our car accident attorneys at Pinder Plotkin, LLC, advise crash victims to get medical treatment immediately after […]

Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Advise Drivers on Airbag Injuries

airbag injuries

Maryland car accident attorneys all know that airbags are designed to prevent injuries and save lives in the event of a car accident. However, airbag injuries can result to both drivers and passengers. When an airbag deploys during a crash, it does so at a very rapid speed. It’s hot and it may be covered […]

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