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Need a Baltimore head on collision lawyer? A head-on collision is a type of accident where the fronts of two vehicles that are traveling in the opposite directions crash into one another. If you were involved in a head-on collision, call to get a consultation scheduled with our esteemed car accident lawyers in Baltimore at Pinder Plotkin right away so you can start the process to recover damages.

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What Causes a Head-On Collision To Happen?

There are a number of different ways that a head-on collision may occur, including the following:

  • Two cars on a two-way street are approaching one another, where one of the cars veers across the yellow line and collides with another car’s front.
  • A car makes too wide of a turn on a blind corner which results in a collision occurring with oncoming traffic.
  • A head-on collision can also result in the bottom or top of a hill when there is poor visibility.

Injuries That Are Caused By Head-On Collisions

Compared to a rear-end collision where the vehicle in front has extra room for absorbing the impact, a head-on collision can be very dangerous. When a head-on collision occurs, there is no extra trunk layer or seats that can absorb the impact of the other vehicle since the two cars are basically hitting right where the drivers are.

This can result in extremely severe injuries occurring from people banging their heads on the window or steering wheel. Also, if the airbag deploys it may cause burns to a person’s chest or arms. These kinds of accidents may result in head injuries as well as injuries to the neck, legs, back, and arms which make them a lot more serious compared to rear-end collisions.

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Which Traffic Laws Apply To Head-On Collisions?

The major traffic laws that are applicable to head-on collisions include the following:

  • The law that requires you to reduce your speed at intersections
  • The requirement for staying on a double yellow line’s right-hand side

If any of them are violated, then the person who violated the traffic law may be found liable for a head-on collision that takes place.

Potential Factors That May Impact A Head-On Collision Case

Contributory negligence is a factor that may possibly impact a head-on collision case. This states that damages cannot be recovered for injuries if the victim was even 1% at fault for their accident. This means that even if one of the parties is 99% at fault for the accident the other person might not be able to recover damages due to the 1%. However, it is accident specific and will depend on what law was violated and the way the accident took place. Therefore, it may change depending on whether or not a vehicle crossed a yellow line, took a turn too far, or did something else that they were not supposed to do while they were driving a vehicle.

Why Following Up With Your Doctor In A Head-On Injury Case Is So Important

It is absolutely critical to follow up on your medical treatment since your doctor is the individual who is in the best position to be able to tell you the duration and extent of your injuries and whether or not they have been resolved and how likely they are to return in the future in some form.

If you delay getting treatment for your injuries, they could appear or reappear later. This can make it difficult for you to get an insurance company to pay for your medical treatment or injuries since they will attempt to claims that your injuries do not relate to your accident since they occur at a much later time or are too far removed from your accident’s date.

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If you are searching for an accident injury lawyer in Baltimore, Pinder Plotkin represents accident as well as their families throughout the state of Maryland who are seeking the compensation that they need and deserve after they were injured in a car accident. Car accidents result in serious injuries that can have life-changing consequences for both accident victims as well as their families.

If you were injured in a head-on collision in Baltimore, the legal team at Pinder Plotkin offers legal support and guidance as you are going through the confusing, frustrating, and complicated process of filing your accident claim.

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