Disputing Your Fault Percentage in a Car Accident in Maryland

Maryland car accident lawyers are skilled at determining fault in a car accident. This crucial process determines who pays for an accident’s losses. Notably, accident lawyers know that victims and the other driver often share responsibility in a collision. For example, suppose the victim was distracted while driving. Now, imagine that the other driver hit them while over-speeding.

In this scenario, both parties contributed to the collision. When these types of accidents occur, the victim often thinks that they don’t have the right to compensation. Unfortunately, they may be right. However, only an excellent attorney can conclusively state this fact. That’s why it’s always best to hire a lawyer after any car crash.

Can the Other Party Wrongly Accuse Me of Contributing to the Car Crash?

Yes, fault parties would do anything to avoid liability for a car crash. This usually includes lying to their insurance company. Furthermore, the other driver can even lie to the authorities. It’s also not unlikely that the insurer would try to pin some of the blame on you.

This explains why after you make a claim, the next step is determining the percentage of fault. Therefore, the steps below are crucial. With them, you can escape undeserved blame in a Maryland car crash.

Fighting Traffic Tickets

Police officers often respond to car accident scenes. When they do, they can quickly decide the fault party. So, suppose the officer determines that you committed a traffic offense. In that case, they may issue you a citation. This traffic citation could be evidence of your contribution to the accident. Therefore, it’ll be best to fight this ticket if you believe you’re innocent.

Firmly tell the officer that you had nothing to do with the collision. If you accept the traffic ticket, the fault party will use it against you. However, refusing it means that the state has to prove that you deserve the ticket. Such a refusal may also result in an extensive accident investigation. This investigation can then vindicate you of the accident’s responsibility.

Documenting Your Disagreements

It’s noteworthy that documentation is vital in legal matters. This is because it provides proof of facts when your word doesn’t suffice. So, it would help if you recorded all your disagreements on your percentage of fault, especially those with the other driver’s insurer.

Now, imagine that there’s a claim that you’re partly responsible for the collision. An insurer can rely on this to deny you compensation. If this happens, it’ll be best to send an official reply rejecting such claims. Your letter should state:

  • What facts you’re disputing
  • Why you think the insurance company is wrong
  • Any evidence that clears you of responsibility

If your letter contains solid evidence, the insurer might reconsider its stand. Lastly, keep a record of your correspondence with the insurance company.

Your Actions After the Car Accident

It’s always best to start disputing the accident fault from the crash site. If you wait too long, you may damage your case irreparably. So, firstly, never accept liability for the crash. Don’t even apologize to the other driver. Also, you can gather evidence at the scene. This would include:

  • Names and contacts of witnesses
  • Photographs and videos of the accident

This way, you can stay ahead of the narrative.

Why Is It Important To Challenge Your Contribution to the Accident?

Fault is a very big issue in most American states. However, it’s more significant in a few states, including Maryland. These are the states that practice the contributory negligence rule. This legal principle decides whether or not an accident victim will receive any compensation. It does this by calculating your contribution to the car crash.

So, if you contributed, in any way, to the collision, you’d lose your right to damages. Notably, this law applies even if you have just 1% contribution to the accident. Maryland’s contributory negligence rule is unfair. It has resulted in many car accident victims losing their right to compensation.

Insurance companies may thus try to pin a part of the crash’s blame on you. They’d try this because if they’re successful, they’ll have to pay you nothing. Therefore, having an excellent attorney is crucial to protect your right to damages.

Maryland’s Best Car Accident Lawyers Can Protect You

Have you been in a Maryland car accident? Do you think you aren’t at fault? If you do, then you need a Maryland car accident lawyer. Is the other driver blaming you for the collision? If so, then your need for an attorney is greater. Fortunately, the best lawyers work at Pinder Plotkin. You can hire us and benefit from our decades of accident representation experience. So, call us today for a FREE consultation.

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