What Are My Rights as a Car Accident Victim?

Humans generally have rights that the law protects. After a car accident, the crash often leaves a victim in a traumatized state. Without any form of protection, victims of vehicle accidents may be exploited. Therefore, the law recognizes certain rights that they have. However, the existence of these rights doesn’t mean that people or entities such as insurance companies won’t try to deny these rights.

That’s why it’s best for car accident victims to hire Maryland car attorneys immediately. An attorney knows all the rights you have after a car crash. They can also notice when a party is trying to breach your rights. Finally, an attorney is also in the best position to protect you from such exploitation. They can also help you recover all the losses flowing from the breach of your rights.

4 Rights of Maryland Car Accident Victims

If you’re ever in a car accident, you can claim the rights discussed below.

  • Right to Not Give a Statement

Maryland is an at-fault car accident state. The implication is that the party responsible for your accident will pay for your losses. Therefore, it isn’t unusual to see fault parties and their insurers use tricks to avoid liability. One such seemingly innocent ploy is to get you to make a statement immediately after the crash.

The issue is that your recollection may be faulty at that point. So, the fault party will look out for any inconsistencies in your accounts of the accident. If they find any, they can attempt to pin the blame on you, especially where the fault isn’t very clear. Therefore, it’s best not to make any official or unofficial statement on the crash. You have the right not to give out such information.

  • Right to a Lawyer

Many people think that they have the right to an attorney only in criminal cases. However, you have the right to engage a lawyer even in civil proceedings. So, if you’re in a Maryland car accident, you can employ a lawyer to represent you. It means that you can insist that the responsible party and their insurance company engage you through your lawyer.

Furthermore, you can choose not to answer questions, make statements, or sign agreements in the absence of your attorney. It would help not to be too bothered about the cost of getting a lawyer. This is because many Maryland attorneys work with personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis. So, you only pay the legal counsel if they win your case.

  • The Right To Recover Damages for Pain and Suffering 

Car accident victims don’t suffer only tangible losses from a crash. Sometimes, they suffer non-economic damages during the collision. One of such hurts is pain and suffering. Pain here refers to the physical pain flowing from the car crash.

On the other hand, suffering is the emotional and other sufferings you suffer because of the auto accident. The law doesn’t have an automatic dollar amount for these injury types. However, you have the right to include them in your claim for damages. Maryland attorneys, insurance companies, and the courts have ways of calculating these damages.

  • Access to the Other Driver’s Information 

Maryland law requires that drivers in a car accident stop at the crash scene. If the driver doesn’t stop, it may become a hit-and-run accident, and the law punishes runaway drivers. The responsibility to stop kicks in where the accident causes:

  • Injury or other harm to a person
  • Death of a person
  • Property damage

Therefore, if you’re in an accident, you have the right to have the other driver stop. Furthermore, you can demand the driver’s contact details. This would include their names, contact address, and registration number. This way, if you want to file a car accident claim, you know exactly how to contact them.

Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Can Protect Your Rights!

Finally, if you’ve been in a Maryland car accident, you have the right to damages. This includes economic and non-economic damages. To get the compensation you deserve, you can sue the fault party or accept an insurance settlement. However, it’ll be best to let a Maryland car accident attorney represent you. It’s essential to note that you have three years to file any car accident claim in Maryland.

Our attorneys at Pinder Plotkin, LLC, have spent years defending the rights of Maryland car accident victims. So, we’re well acquainted with all your rights as a motor vehicle collision victim. We also know how to protect these rights from breaches from the fault party. Therefore, it’d be best to call us today for a FREE consultation on your car accident claim.

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