Explaining Staged Accidents in Maryland

Staged accidents are rare, but they do occur. Maryland car accident lawyers encounter several collision types. These auto crashes are usually confusing and emotionally overwhelming for victims. Furthermore, significant health and financial consequences usually follow accidents.

So, imagine how Maryland drivers feel when they learn their accident was staged. That is, some people drive around faking auto crashes. After such a collision, they blame the innocent driver. Then, they pursue the driver for compensation. The concept of staged accidents is pretty confusing. Therefore, victims don’t even know their rights in such circumstances. That’s why it’s always best to hire a Maryland car accident attorney after any car crash.

Where Do Staged Accidents Occur?

Accident fraudsters carefully plan these mishaps. Therefore, you may not see a staged accident in all parts of Maryland. For example, such insurance fraudsters often target urban areas. This is because there are many vehicles on the road. So, they can choose from several possible victims. Furthermore, it’s not sufficient to target urban areas.

Instead, these scammers also operate in wealthier communities. The idea is that these areas would have better cars and costlier insurance. Notably too, these criminals prefer going after new, commercial, or rental vehicles. This is also because these car types often carry heavy insurance. Finally, accident stagers often attack women and the elderly. These are easy prey because of their often less confrontational attitude at crash sites.

Types of Staged Accidents

There are various forms of staged accidents. But, we will explain some of them below.

Rear-End Collisions

The rear driver is often blamed for rear-end accidents. So, criminals easily imitate this collision when driving before their victims. The scammer usually has other passengers watching this car. So, once they see signs of distraction, the front driver slams the brakes. This then makes the rear driver rear-end the scammer.

False Yield Accidents

False yield accidents are also prevalent amongst scammers. Here, the fraudster waves for you to merge or turn left. When you do, they then speed up, crashing into you. Furthermore, this fault driver will then deny that they waved you on. So, without witnesses to the wave, you’re automatically liable for the crash.

The Start and Stop

This fake accident usually happens in heavy traffic. The fraudulent driver slowly begins to accelerate. Thinking that the traffic has eased, the victim follows closely. Then, the criminal suddenly brakes, causing a rear-end accident.

Exaggerating Damage

This accident fraud scheme kicks off after the primary collision. Here, the fake victims exaggerate their losses from the crash. For example, the driver can move to another location and further damage their vehicle. Of course, they could also lie about their injuries. Whatever the case, the goal is often to increase the insurance payouts.

Signs of Staged Accidents

Fortunately, it’s possible to know when a crash was staged. If you’re careful, you’ll spot the signs. That’s why it’s always best to drive attentively. Firstly, your instincts can say you didn’t cause a collision. If you feel this way, it’ll be best to investigate further. Once you suspect anything fishy, it’ll help to speak up immediately. If you inform your insurer, they can consider the possibility of fraud in their investigation.

Furthermore, look out for convenient eyewitnesses. Car accidents usually have witnesses. But, suppose you see many witnesses willing to step up and blame you. This may be signs of accident fraud. In addition, the collision’s injuries may show signs of fraud too.

For instance, suppose the alleged crash victims are complaining of severe injuries. You can judge whether the accident could cause the wounds they’re claiming. Finally, if you’re a high-risk individual, it’ll be best to pay extra attention to the possibility of fraud.

Protecting Yourself From Staged Accidents

Indeed, there’s no absolute safety from accident stagers. However, you can protect yourself with some tips.

  • Get a Dashcam: Dashcams are becoming popular with Maryland drivers. This is because dash cams can record what happens within and outside vehicles. Consequently, your state of mind before the collision would be apparent. Furthermore, your camera can also pick out the fraudsters in action.
  • Gather the contact information of the witnesses. This way, you can notice plants.
  • Call the police, narrate your story and trust their investigation will show the truth.

Were You in an Accident You Think Isn’t Your Fault? Call Us!

Have you survived a Maryland car accident? Do you think the auto crash wasn’t your fault? If you do, you’ll need the best Maryland car accident lawyers to clear you of responsibility. Fortunately, Pinder Plotkin, LLC, lawyers have sufficient skills to determine accident liability. Once we prove that the other driver fraudulently caused the collision, they’ll be liable to pay compensation. So, call us today to get started; we offer free consultations.

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