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Need a Baltimore Uber & Lyft Accident Attorney? Uber and Lyft have become popular forms of public transportation in Baltimore and throughout the United States. Rideshare services are quickly becoming the preferred form of public transportation when you do not want to drive or cannot drive. The rideshare service apps make it convenient to schedule and pay for last-minute rides. In some cases, it can be less expensive to order a Lyft or Uber than it can be to take a taxi or call for a limo service.

However, rideshare services are not without their problems. As more individuals use their personal vehicles to offer rideshare services, issues related to auto accidents involving Lyft and Uber drivers have become more common. Accident victims may experience problems trying to recover compensation for Uber and Lyft accidents.

The reputable personal injury lawyers in Baltimore continue to research these issues and aggressively represent clients who have been injured in rideshare accidents. Call (503)-212-0081 or view our Uber & Lyft Instagram Page for more information about rideshare accident claims in Baltimore.

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Before you can recover compensation for your injuries or losses, you must prove that a driver or another party caused the crash. In some cases, the Uber or Lyft driver may be at fault for causing the accident. However, other drivers and parties may be at fault for causing the collision. Your first step is determining the cause of the crash because you can only recover compensation from the party or parties who caused the accident.

A Baltimore Uber & Lyft accident attorney can conduct thorough accident investigations to determine fault and identify liable parties. In some cases, more than one party may be liable for your damages.


Uber pick-up spot in Maryland.


The party responsible for causing the crash is liable for your damages. However, insurance companies have complicated the process of settling rideshare accident claims.

Many individuals offering rideshare services do not have automobile insurance policies that cover liability if the vehicle is used for business purposes. Therefore, personal insurance providers typically deny coverage for a rideshare accident.

Rideshare companies, including Uber and Lyft, denied responsibility for the accident because the driver was an independent contractor. Therefore, accident victims were left with no recourse after a rideshare accident.

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Review You Claim With Our Baltimore Uber/Lyft Accident Attorneys

Because of the issues related to insurance coverage, Uber and Lyft have umbrella insurance policies that cover drivers in some circumstances. However, the driver’s personal insurance coverage may apply if the driver was “off the clock” or between pickups.

Because insurance companies may argue about liability and the issues related to liability for a rideshare accident can be complicated, it is best to contact our Baltimore car accident attorneys as soon as possible. An attorney with experience handling rideshare accident claims can sort out the issues related to liability to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, losses, and damages.


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