What Is Bodily Injury Liability?

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are as a motorist, accidents do occur.  Accidents are accidents because they can sometimes be inevitable, and other times they may be due to your negligence. Vehicle owners are required to have car liability insurance coverage.

They usually have two liability insurance coverage: bodily injury liability coverage and property liability coverage. Our Maryland car accident lawyers would assist you if you suffered injuries in an auto collision.

What Does Bodily Injury Liability Mean?

Bodily injury liability is a form of car liability insurance. It provides coverage for injuries from an accident caused by the policyholder. The payment is made to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who are victims of an accident that the policyholder is at fault. The coverage caters to everyone listed in the policy and the designated driver of the vehicle involved in an accident.

Drivers listed in the policy are also covered even if they’re driving other peoples’ vehicles. However, that only applies if they have the vehicle’s owner’s permission. Like every insurance coverage, bodily injury coverage helps to protect the assets of the policyholder.

If you do not carry bodily injury coverage, you will be legally required to pay for the bodily injury claims of drivers and passengers from out of pocket. When you file for a bodily injury claim, the insurer is obligated only to provide coverage to the coverage limit. The policyholder will bear any difference.

Every liability coverage policy has fixed limits and minimum requirements. They usually get started using 25/50. The 25 represents the maximum amount your insurer will pay for injuries after deducting all policy deductibles. The 50 is the total of the amount your insurer can pay for the entire accident claim.

What Is the Extent of a Bodily Injury Claim?

There are specific expenses covered by bodily injury liability. Some of these expenses are long-term, while others are short-term. Whatever be the case, the liability covers the drivers, passengers, and bystanders where the policyholder is liable for the accident. Here are the expenses covered by a bodily injury liability policy:

  • Legal Fees

Bodily injury claims pay for the legal fees following an accident. After an accident, the victims, their families, or insurance providers can decide to sue you for damages.  You might require legal counsel or representation. The bodily injury policy covers such legal expenses.

  • Medical Bills

This liability insurance covers all hospital bills, emergency services, and other out-patient costs for victims of an accident caused by a negligent person. It also covers follow-up visits and purchase of crutches, wheelchairs, or other medical requirements that will aid the recovery of the victims.

  • Loss of wages and Income

Most accident victims will need to take time off for therapy and possible rehabilitation, depending on the severity of their injuries. The treatment can go on for months before they’re able to resume their usual work.  In some instances, victims of vehicle accidents suffer job loss due to staying away from work to recuperate.

Other times, they may not be able to return to the kind of jobs they were doing before the accident. Bodily injury insurance compensates these victims for the loss of their employment or wages.

  • Pain and Suffering

It’s not uncommon for accident victims to file for pain and suffering as it is not part of their medical bills. Pain and suffering refer to emotional pain and trauma resulting from their injuries. It also includes aches from injuries, disfigurement, or scarring. Bodily injury insurance also covers this benefit.

  • Funeral Cost

If there are fatalities from an accident, the at-fault driver bears the funeral cost. The liable party pays the funeral expenses to the victim’s family or insurance provider.

However, bodily injury coverage does not pay for your injuries or medical expenses if you are the liable party. Neither does it cover passengers in your vehicle. Also, bodily injury insurance does not provide coverage for intentional, punitive, or criminal behavior.

That means that bodily injury insurance does not cover for injuries you intentionally inflicted on another either as punishment or for malicious reasons.  Consequently, the insurance will not cover damages as your actions constitute criminal behavior, and you will get prosecuted.

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