Motor vehicle accidents are often life-altering events. They can especially change the course of your health and finances. Furthermore, what you do after an auto crash can determine how much your life changes. For instance, who you call or don’t call can have significant positive or adverse effects following the crash.

If you’re ever in a car accident, it’ll be best to call the people this article recommends. Essentially, it would help if you called a Maryland auto accident attorney. Even if you don’t call the others on this list, a lawyer can advise and guide you on contacting the other parties.

5 People To Call After a Car Accident

Below are some of the different classes of persons you should call after a Maryland vehicle collision.

  • Call 911

Immediately after an accident, you should call 911. If you can’t make the call, get passersby to do so. Many reasons make this a great decision. Firstly, a police report provides documentation of the accident. The police will investigate the crime scene and take pictures and other evidence. Secondly, their investigation can also point out the fault party.

You may not even have a choice regarding calling the police. Maryland law mandates you to call the police in certain accidents. If the accident resulted in injury, death, or property damage, you must contact the local police department. Also, if you don’t stop after calling 911, the law will view it as a hit-and-run accident. Then, the local district attorney would charge you for the offense.

  • Emergency Medical Services

Medical personnel usually come when you call 911. They will examine the accident victims at the scene and determine whether they need further medical attention. If it was a minor crash, you could leave without being checked into the hospital.

However, it’s best to get some sort of medical attention after an accident. This is because some accident wounds don’t show until after some days. However, an extensive medical examination can reveal such internal damage.

  • Your Insurance Company

Another important call you should make is to your insurance providers. Maryland law requires drivers to have certain insurance coverage. If you comply with the law, your insurer could make good your losses.

Therefore, it’ll help to call them early. An early call allows the insurance adjuster to investigate the crash before paying your compensation. Alternatively, you can recover compensation from the fault party or their insurance company. However, you’ll need an excellent attorney to prove the party’s responsibility.

  • Your Loved Ones

After a crash, it’ll be best to call your family and friends. They can help you cope with the multiple emotions you must be feeling from the accident. Vehicle accident survivors often need to be reminded that people love them. Furthermore, the call will make your family less frightened and assure them of your safety.

The evening news may carry your accident details, including pictures of your car and the crash scene. It would be bad if your family finds out about your accident on the TV. This could put them in fear or panic mode, and it isn’t good for them. Therefore, it’ll be best to call and inform them before they hear it from a third party

  • Auto Repair Professionals

Most accidents cause minor or significant damage to the vehicles involved. Therefore, it’ll be smart to contact an auto repair service to start working on the vehicle. Firstly, it’ll be best to get a quotation from the car expert on how much the repairs will cost. This figure can help when you’re making or estimating the value of your car accident claim.

Furthermore, while fixing your vehicle, your repairer should document your financial expenses in the process. Get receipts for every dollar you spend. So, when you’re filing your claim with the insurance company or in court, you can prove the amount of special damages that you deserve.

Call Maryland’s Best Car Accident Attorneys

Finally, you should call a car accident lawyer. It’s one thing to call the people above, but it’s another to know what to say to them. The only person whom you’re the safest speaking with is an attorney. This is because whatever you say to them is protected by the attorney-client privilege. So, they cannot use such information against you.

Furthermore, an excellent car accident lawyer can tell you what to say to the people above. At Pinder Plotkin, LLC, our lawyers have enough experience handling car accident victims. They know exactly how to deal with your car accident case. All they’re waiting for is your call. Contact our attorneys for a FREE consultation on your case today.

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