Many accidents are unplanned; not many people plan to get attacked by their neighbor’s dogs or have their children get bitten by a dog while playing at the park. But if this happens, what do you do? What are the next essential steps to take? A dog bite injury, if not dealt with, could lead to complications.

Dog bites are more common than they seem in the U.S. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the U.S. A good portion of that number is child victims of dog bites.

Injuries from dog bites could be mild, severe, and in rare cases, fatal. Some of the most severe injuries sustained from dog bites in Bel-Air affect the brain, spine, bones, and eye. As such, it is essential to know what to do after suffering a dog bite injury.

What to Do When a Dog Has Hurt You

These are the steps to take after you have suffered from a dog bite attack. By doing these, you ensure that you can seek redress in the future for injuries caused by the attack.

  • Seek Medical Attention

In severe cases, this should be the first step you take immediately after being bitten by a dog. This is because a dog bite injury could be so extensive that it requires immediate medical attention. You must also ensure that you keep medical reports, ambulance reports, X-rays, bills, or any relevant documents that might prove that the dog attacked you.

  • Speak to the Dog Owner

If you will get any compensation after being attacked by a dog, you must get the dog owner’s contact details, whether it is an individual or a corporation. This will help you contact them in the future for insurance claims or to get information on the dog’s history.

  • Document the Incident

For a lawyer to prove that a dog injured you, you will need to have some evidence of the injury. You could take pictures of the dog and the injury. You could also record an account of the events and get statements from neighbors, bystanders, or witnesses. Getting their contact details might also come in handy, so they can give an eye-witness account of the incident in the future. It is also important to document any bills that you might have incurred during the process.

  • Contact the Authorities 

A police report will come in handy when a dog bite attorney tries to prove the dog owner’s liability. Therefore, reporting the incident to the police is one step you must take. Filing a report with animal control in Bel Air is also advisable as you can learn more from them about the dog’s history. If it turns out that the dog has attacked someone before, this could help you negotiate claims with the dog owner. If not, the report could help prevent other people from being attacked by the same dog.

Should You Sue Over a Dog Bite Injury?

Most people would rather not sue, especially if the dog bite injury is not severe or if the dog belongs to someone they are familiar with. Most times, the victims do not even have to sue because the dog owners take active steps to ensure that the victim is compensated. If you have an experienced dog bite lawyer, your claims can be resolved with the insurance company, and the case will not need to go to court.

However, in a few exceptions, to get adequate compensation for a dog bite injury, it is very important to contact a lawyer who will seek redress in court. These exceptions are:

  • When the victim has suffered severe injuries that require surgery
  • When you lose wages because of your injuries or  time spent recovering
  • When you go through mental stress because of the incident or because the dog’s attack disfigured you.

If any of these occur, an experienced dog bite lawyer in Bel-Air can help you recover damages such as property damage, medical expenses, payment for therapy, and lost wages.

Dealing With a Dog Bite Injury? Contact a Bel-Air Dog Bite Attorney Today!

If you or your loved one have sustained any injury by being bitten by a dog, it is essential to contact a dog bite attorney. At Pinder Plotkin LLC, our experienced lawyers will ensure that an appropriate investigation is conducted to prove the liability of whoever is responsible for the attack. We will also ensure that all necessary steps to compensate you for the dog bite injury are taken; including insurance claims, negotiating settlements, and filing a lawsuit.

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