Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: How Much Does It Cost?

The issue of costs for the services of a lawyer is usually a major concern for victims of motorcycle accidents. If you wonder how much a motorcycle accident lawyer will take from you, the answer is “nothing until you win.” Yes! Nothing. You can get a lawyer to take up your case without parting with any amount before a resolution. Motorcycle crashes are, in many cases, more severe than many people think.

Asides from the huge number of deaths, many life-altering injuries and disabilities have resulted from motorcycle mishaps in Baltimore. These injuries could require urgent and costly medical treatment procedures. Considering the cost of medical bills, you will appreciate why there are no initial legal fees.

However, you’ll have to pay for the legal services received at some point, prompting the question: how much does it cost to hire a Baltimore motorcycle accident lawyer. This article answers this question and provides additional information.

When Will My Lawyer Get Paid?

While handling your case, your motorcycle accident lawyer may have to spend their personal resources. In addition, most attorneys handle accident cases with a contingency fee system, meaning they will only get paid if you win.

However, your lawyer will render every service free of charge before concluding your claim. These services include consultation, negotiation with the at-fault party, and representation in court.

How Much Will My Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charge?

While legal costs aren’t carved in stone, many lawyers charge 33.3% to 40% for a successful case. However, these costs may reduce depending on the level of involvement of your lawyer. Also, not every personal injury compensation claim is prolonged.

There are cases where the at-fault party and their lawyers are willing to pay you what is due without delay. These situations do not require much work from your motorcycle accident lawyer. Hence, their rates could be lower than 33.3% of your compensation amount. Maybe in the region of 20% or 25%.

If your compensation claim doesn’t go as smoothly as that, litigation is the next option on the table. Litigation usually drives your lawyer’s fees to the 33.3% to 40% range. Before litigation, there must have been several meetings with the at-fault party and their legal representatives.

How Much Does Going to Court Cost?

The process of activating litigation could get cumbersome too. Filing the documents that will trigger the court process is usually tricky. It comes with a lot of stress too. So it’s usually best for you to spare yourself the trouble by hiring a lawyer to handle the lawsuit. Leveraging their experience and network, your motorcycle accident lawyer is in the best position to manage this process.

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Of course, filing a case in court isn’t free. Your legal counsel may have to cough out hundreds of dollars in litigation costs to commence the process. Some personal injury law firms are willing to cover litigation costs for you. The court proceedings could spread across multiple sessions, and your attorney will represent you all through.

There are other extra measures your lawyer could employ in-between consultation and litigation to ensure victory. For example, they may have to hire the services of an expert witness, carry out an investigation, and obtain evidence. All of these cost money.

Depending on your motorcycle accident lawyer’s policy or the law firm they work for, they could require you to pay for these services. However, if the attorney agrees to pay for these services, they will deduct the costs from the compensation amount separate from the lawyer’s fee. It all depends on the provisions of the contingency fee agreement.

What If I Lose the Compensation Claim?

Not all compensation bids are successful. Therefore, there is a possibility that your compensation claim can fail. In this case, under the contingency fee system, you have no obligation to sign a check or part with any money.

Your lawyer shoulders the risk and forfeits their payment. For fear of losing out on their service fees, your motorcycle accident lawyer is inclined to give your case their best shot from the get-go. But does the contingency fee system have any drawbacks? Yes, it does.

Downsides of the Contingency Fee System

The contingency fee system is not all a rosy affair. Here are a few negative implications of the contingency fee system, and these factors could work against a motorcycle accident victim.

Firstly, the contingency fee system puts the lawyer at the risk of taking nothing home if the claim fails. For this reason, lawyers are inclined to refuse to get involved in cases where they detect slim chances of victory. Many accident victims find it difficult to secure the services of more skillful lawyers due to this reason.

Secondly, some lawyers or law firms take advantage of this payment plan to take more than they deserve off the compensation amount. Some law firms could end up taking as much as 33.3% off the compensation award for cases that never got to litigation. Be sure to read the fine print before signing any fee agreement.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are many sides to a personal injury claim which can complicate your case. You will most likely face a formidable legal team for which you will need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer by your side. Due to their training and experience, a lawyer has a better chance at the negotiation table than you do.

In addition, a lawyer can better dig up facts about accidents, prepare you for deposition, and represent you in court. But, more importantly, having legal representation means you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Why Hire Pinder Plotkin?

Did you get injured in a motorcycle accident in Baltimore? You may be eligible for financial compensation. You can increase your chances by choosing the right lawyers. At Pinder Plotkin, LLC, our legal team of experienced and highly trained lawyers will examine the case facts to get you maximum compensation.

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid until we win. So contact us now to speak with a Pinder Plotkin personal injury lawyer in Baltimore. We offer free initial consultations.

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