After a car accident in Maryland, the next step should be receiving compensation from the insurance company for your losses. The responsible insurer could be yours or that of the fault driver. Furthermore, recovery could cover both economic and non-economic damages you suffered in the vehicle collision.

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes deny claims of deserving parties. They could be correct, but they’re often wrong. Frequently, insurers are just trying to make money by withholding payment after collecting premiums. Therefore, it’s clear that you need a Maryland car accident attorney immediately after a crash. An experienced lawyer can easily spot when an insurance company is acting in bad faith.

Reasons an Insurance Company May Deny Your Claim

Sometimes, insurers deny claims for good reasons. For instance, there’s always the possibility of insurance fraud by insured parties. So, if an insurance company refuses to pay a claim because they suspect fraud, they may be right. However, there are some other reasons an insurance company didn’t pay you after your car crash. They include:

  • Low Vehicle Damage

If your accident was minor, the insurance company might wrongly conclude that you didn’t sustain significant losses. If this is the case, you’ll have to prove your losses to get any compensation.

  • Pre-Existing Injuries

An insurer may argue that the crash didn’t cause your wounds. For instance, they could assume that it was a pre-existing medical condition. In such cases, they can claim that the accident only worsened your injuries. Where this is the case, your medical records can establish the truth. That’s why it’s always best to see a doctor after a car collision.

  • Missed Deadlines

Insurance policies often have definite timeframes for reporting accidents. If you don’t respect this deadline, you may lose your right to a settlement. However, if you can prove that the delay was reasonable, you can still get compensation.

  • Your Injury Isn’t Covered

Insurance policies may not offer general coverage for injuries. Frequently, they specify what wounds are compensable. Furthermore, the policy can also state the circumstances under which a claim can be honored. So, if you sustain an injury beyond your coverage, the insurer will most likely deny your claim.

How to Respond to Insurance Claim Denials

Knowing what to do after insurance denials is a necessary skill for policy subscribers. You can follow these steps to ensure you don’t lose your compensation.

  • Write a Demand Letter

When you receive a rejection letter, you should send a demand letter to the insurance company. A demand letter is one addressed to an insurer demanding personal injury compensation. It would help if you wrote this letter before filing an action in court. This is because the insurer may change and make you a reasonable offer after reading your letter. Furthermore, it’ll be best if you let your lawyer guide you through this process.

  • Hire an Attorney 

If an insurer has a good reason for denying your claim, you’ll need an attorney. However, you’ll first have to establish why you deserve the denied compensation. So, it’ll be challenging to do this on your own. Therefore, it’ll be best to hire a lawyer skilled in winning insurance claims. They can assemble favorable evidence on your case and make a solid case to the insurance company or agent. Furthermore, even if the insurance firm acts in bad faith, you’ll still need a lawyer to prove that fact.

  • Go to Court 

If your insurer denies your claim after the demand letter, you can sue them. However, it would help to remember the Maryland Statute of Limitations on car accident claims. In Maryland, you have only three years to sue for personal injuries. Your time starts to count from the date of the accident.

Furthermore, if you don’t file a claim within this timeframe, you may lose your right to any compensation. You may not even need to go through with the lawsuit. If your lawyer does a good job at the pre-trial stage, the insurer may decide to pay up.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Win Denied Insurance Claims

Have you suffered a Maryland vehicle collision? Do you think the insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim? The chances are high that you’re right, and in such cases, you can still get the remedy you deserve. First, however, you’ll need a Maryland car accident lawyer to establish the insurer’s bad faith.

At Pinder Plotkin, our attorneys have handled a significant number of bad-faith insurance claims. We’re confident that we can also get you compensation for your accident losses. Therefore, it’ll be best to call our law office for a consultation on your case today.

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