How Do You Handle a Dog Bite in Ellicott City?

Dog bites can happen without any previous warning. Dogs are usually considered a man’s best friend. However, although they can be loyal and friendly, they can also act defensive when threatened. A 2018 report revealed dog bites account for 26% of animal-related injuries. Dog bites are not just painful. They can also cause infection.

To prevent a dog bite in Ellicott City, you should always read the dog’s body language as an owner or non-owner. However, knowing the proper steps to take if a dog bites you in Ellicott City is essential. Our lawyers will walk you through all the steps you need to take after a dog bite in this article.

How Can You Avoid the Risk of a Dog Bite?

Children are more at risk of a dog bite injury. Therefore, they shouldn’t be allowed to play with dogs without supervision. Most times, kids play rough with dogs or touch them in a way that hurts. Most dog bites happen in homes with a dog you’re already familiar with. The question then becomes how to prevent dog bite injuries; below are some tips to bear in mind.

  • Don’t approach unfamiliar dogs
  • Don’t pet dogs without letting them see and sniff you first
  • Don’t encourage your dogs at home to play violently
  • Don’t disturb dogs that are caring for their puppies
  • Don’t disturb a dog that’s sleeping or eating
  • Don’t panic or start running when a dog approaches you
  • Don’t let kids play with dogs without proper supervision
  • Don’t pet someone’s dog without permission
  • Remain motionless when an unfamiliar dog tries to approach you
  • Inform the right people when you see a stray dog around or a dog acting oddly

What Do You Do if a Dog Attacks You?

If a dog bites you, you should immediately wash the wound with soap and water when you get to a safe place. Once you clean the injury, you should also apply an antibiotic cream to the affected area and cover it with a clean bandage. It’s also an excellent idea to seek medical attention if a strange dog bites you. If you also develop a fever or the wound becomes swollen, red, warm, or painful, you should also seek medical attention.

What Do You Do If You Suffer a Major Dog Bite Injury?

If it’s a major injury, you need to first stop the bleeding. Also, apply pressure to the wound using a clean, dry cloth. If you’re feeling weak or can’t stop the bleeding, ensure you contact your local emergency medical services.

However, if you can stop the bleeding with applied pressure, rinse the wound after the bleeding stops. Also, keep the wound under running water to minimize the risk of infection. You should also wash the area around the wound with soap while ensuring soap doesn’t get in the injury. Seek medical attention if you’re clueless if the dog has been vaccinated for rabies. Also, if the wound is severe or becomes red or swollen, you should seek medical attention.

What Kind of Disease Can You Get From a Dog Bite?

Dog bites sometimes pass serious illness. It isn’t just stray dogs that can pass diseases. There are over 60 varying types of bacteria in a dog’s mouth. When they pass these bacteria into your bloodstream, these bacteria can make you sick. One of them is tetanus, a toxin that can cause rigid paralysis. You’re at risk of this disease if you suffer a major dog bite.

You could also get rabies from a dog bite. This disease impacts your brain and can be avoided by vaccinating the dog. Pasteurella is another prevalent disease you can get from dogs and is passed in 50% of dog bites. It causes a red, painful infection that causes swelling in the joints. It is even more severe in children and seniors.

How to Report a Dog Bite

After seeking medical attention, you can report the dog bite. You can call the animal control agency or your local police department to report the incident. It is even more important if the dog acted strangely or you don’t know if it was vaccinated. Also, contact the dog owner if it’s a familiar dog to find out about their rabies vaccination. Get the name of the owner, their contact details, and even the dog veterinarian’s contact information.

Looking for a Dog Bite Attorney in Ellicott City?

If you suffered dog bite injuries from someone’s dog, you could seek compensation to cover your medical bills and other damages. Our experienced dog bites attorneys in Ellicott City can help you file a personal injury claim and get you your rightful compensation. Contact Pinder Plotkin, LLC, today to discover more about what we offer.

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