Data is gold in practically every situation, even after car accidents. After a car crash, survivors often experience many emotions. For some people, the first thing on their minds is getting medical attention. Exchanging information with other drivers in the crash may not readily come to mind. However, Maryland law requires that car accident victims give out specific information after the collision.

Essentially, swapping data will make it easy to contact the critical parties in a car accident. If you’ve survived a vehicle collision, it’ll be best to call a Maryland car accident lawyer. An attorney knows what information you should share and with whom. Furthermore, they can also help you if the fault driver ran away without giving you their contact details.

Essential Information to Exchange After a Car Accident

It’s vital to know the correct data to give out after a vehicle crash in Maryland. The law requires drivers to stop and swap some data if the accident results in bodily injury, property damage, or death. Therefore, you should exchange the following data after a crash.

  • Name
  • Address
  • License number
  • Name and address of vehicle owner
  • Insurance name and policy number
  • Name and number of a local insurance agent (if any)

This information exchange isn’t the responsibility of one party to the accident. The law doesn’t expect cooperation from only the fault party. Therefore, it’ll be best to comply with these requirements even if you think you’re not at fault for the crash.

You may also want to get some information from any police officers on the scene. This could include their names, badge numbers, and station or precinct number. Police data can come in handy in two key ways. Firstly, you can track the accident investigation. Secondly, it’ll be easier to get the car accident report if you have their contact information.

Other Relevant Evidence to Collect From the Crash Site

It would be best if you didn’t stop at exchanging information with the other driver or drivers. Other people witnessed the accident, and you need their contact information too. For instance, some bystanders may be essential witnesses in your claim. Furthermore, it may also be necessary to gather information from other road users.

Additionally, you may need to check for any security footage at the scene. So, if there’s a video of the crash, exchanging information with the person who has the video will be brilliant. Yet again, you can take pictures and videos of the accident scene. This would include the vehicles involved and the roads. Many times, such videos or photos can help determine fault in the crash.

What If I Leave the Accident Scene Without Exchanging Information?

Leaving a vehicle crash site in Maryland can land you in serious trouble. However, some Maryland drivers still flee accident scenes. Frequently, they run because of fear of the police or financial loss. Whatever the reason, the consequences of remaining at an accident scene trump those of fleeing.

Escaping an accident scene is popularly called a hit-and-run. According to Maryland Transportation Code Section 27-133, a hit-and-run is a felony. Fleeing has varying degrees of punishment depending on the damage level. For instance, you could face 60 days imprisonment and a $500 fine if the crash only caused property damage.

Furthermore, it gets serious if the accident resulted in a death or bodily injury. In injury cases, the law can punish you with a 5-year jail term and a fine of up to $5,000. If you ran away from a fatal accident scene, you should expect to stay in jail for up to ten years. You can also get a fine of $10,000.

Therefore, it’ll be best not to flee an accident scene. Some drivers run away, hoping that no one can identify them. However, if someone saw you or there’s a video recording of your escape, you could lose a lot. So, stay and exchange vital information with other drivers at the scene.

Our Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You!

If you survived a car accident, you could recover compensation from the fault party. However, you’ll need the responsible party’s contact information and other data to start making a claim. The data is vital for both a lawsuit and an insurance claim. If you didn’t get this data from them, it might be challenging to proceed with your claim.

However, it won’t be much of an issue if you have the best Maryland car accident attorneys representing you. At Pinder Plotkin, we’ve had some success recovering the contact data of absentee defendants. So, we can also try tracking the fault driver in your case. Therefore, it’ll be best to call us today for a free consultation.

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