Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are becoming more popular throughout the United States. Maryland residents use Uber and Lyft for a variety of reasons, including saving time and money when you need to travel to and from the airport or from a hotel to a meeting. However, are rideshare drivers more frequently distracted while driving compared to other drivers on Maryland roads? How can you avoid Uber & Lyft distracted driving accidents?

Distracted Driving is Dangerous

Most drivers understand that distracted driving can cause serious and deadly car accidents. During 2016, accidents involving distracted drivers resulted in 3,450 deaths and 391,000 injuries. Because distracted driving is underreported, those numbers could be much higher.

Anything that takes a driver’s focus off of the road ahead is a potentially deadly distraction. Even allowing your mind to wander for just a few seconds could result in a tragic crash. However, when a driver uses a cell phone or other electronic device, the risk becomes even greater.

There are three basic types of distractions for drivers:

  • Cognitive Tasks
  • Physical Tasks
  • Manual Tasks

Adjusting a GPS or using a cell phone involves all three distractions.  A driver takes at least one hand off the steering wheel, looks away from the road, and thinks about something other than the task of driving. Just a few seconds could take someone’s life.

How does this impact Uber & Lyft distracted driving accidents?

Uber & Lyft Distracted Driving Accident Lawsuit

A woman is suing Uber and Lyft for injuries sustained in a car crash involving a rideshare driver. Allegedly, the driver was interacting with the rideshare apps when he collided with a semi-truck causing the passenger severe injuries. The lawsuit also names the developer of the rideshare apps as a defendant.

The lawsuit highlights a potentially dangerous distraction for Uber and Lyft drivers. If the drivers are interacting with the rideshare apps during the drive or programming a GPS during the drive, the potential for a distracted driving accident increases. In the lawsuit, the driver was allegedly logged into both the Lyft and Uber apps. For drivers who want to schedule as many rides as possible to increase revenue, continuing to interact with the apps while driving may be tempting, but for the passenger and everyone else on the road, it is extremely dangerous.

What Should You Do to Avoid Uber & Lyft Distracted Driving Accidents?

If you are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, you have the right to expect your driver to take all steps necessary to ensure a safe trip, including avoiding all distractions while operating the vehicle. Below are some tips for things that you can do if you notice that your Uber or Lyft driver appears distracted.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the driver to pull over. If the Uber or Lyft driver is trying to program a GPS, don’t hesitate to ask the driver to pull over to complete the task. The best choice is to ask the driver to program the GPS before he or she begins driving to your destination. Addressing the matter in advance can avoid an Uber & Lyft distracted driving accident.
  • Don’t be afraid to end the ride if necessary. If a Lyft or Uber driver is distracted, don’t hesitate to ask the driver to pull over to a safe location to end the ride. You can call for another Uber or Lyft if necessary. Even though it may cause a delay, erring on the side of caution could save your life.
  • Leave a review immediately. If your rideshare driver was distracted behind the wheel, you should leave a review noting the exact behavior of the driver so that future passengers are aware of the potential danger.

Distracted driving is a problem for everyone on the road. As a passenger, you may be the innocent victim of a distracted driver. When the driver is a rideshare driver, you have certain legal rights. Our Pinder Plotkin legal team can help you file an injury claim to recover compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

Maryland Uber and Lyft Distracted Driving Accident Claims

If you were injured in a distracted driving accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver, we can help. Our Parkville Uber & Lyft accident attorneys will help you file an injury claim seeking compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages.

Uber and Lyft drivers are covered by insurance through the rideshare companies. Let us help you seek the compensation you deserve if a distracted rideshare driver caused your injuries.

Call Pinder Plotkin LLC at 410-525-5337 for a free consultation with a Parkville Lyft & Uber distracted driving accident attorney.



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