Maryland Truck Blind Spot Accidents

While it may be normal for one to drive beside or near an 18-wheeler on the highway or streets of Maryland, this is one of the experiences many drivers would wish to avoid on the road. One of the reasons why is because such huge trucks have large blind spots that make it hard for the semi-driver to see vehicles on its sides, among other reasons. Although some drivers are experienced enough to know how to deal with such blind spots as well as avoid them, many do not, which again increases the risk of causing an accident. Smaller vehicles are no match for the 18-wheeler. In case of an accident, the 18-wheeler driver is less likely to sustain an injury while the same cannot be said for the other driver (in smaller vehicles).

Dozens of people sustain injuries from truck accidents each year. If you, or a loved one, have been involved in an accident with a truck, with the truck driver at fault, you can file for compensation for the damage caused. All you need is to find a good truck blind spot accident attorney to help file the case. Schedule a free consultation with our truck accident lawyers at Pinder Plotkin for help and advice on how to proceed with the case. You might be able to get compensation for property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and injuries.

Where Are The Blind Spots On An 18-Wheeler?

A blind spot can be defined as the area within which the truck driver cannot see other vehicles or road users. Sadly, such large trucks have large blind spots regardless of whether the rear-view mirrors are set perfectly. The 4 common blind spots on large trucks include:

  • The immediate area in from of the truck’s cab
  • Just behind and below the driver’s side window
  • The right sight of the carb and the area extending to the end of the trailer
  • Directly behind the trailer.

The blind spot area can widen if all the mirrors aren’t set correctly. It is otherwise almost impossible to see anything in the blind spot areas, one of the reasons the driver needs to be careful when changing lanes, turning, or even braking. Even the keenest of drivers might, however, be unable to see the other vehicle in the blind spot especially when slowing down in the highway. Other vehicles can appear out of nowhere in highways, making it even more dangerous for both the truck driver and the other road users.

A car with a damaged windshield after a truck accident.

‘No-zone’ collision is a popular slang with most truck blind spot accident cases, and especially defense lawyers for the trucking company or driver. The defense lawyers may use this term to shift blame to the other driver (the victim/plaintiff), arguing that the victim knowingly drove into the truck’s blind spot areas, hence responsible for the accident. The truck driver may however also to blame for not checking his/her mirrors, hence they could be held responsible. Our team of skilled lawyers at Pinder Plotkin understand this all too well and will strive to ensure you get fair compensation for injuries and damage caused. Our lawyers will often go out of their way to collect evidence, investigate the accident scene, as well as talk to witnesses to gather as much information as possible about the accident. This helps them make a solid case against the defense team.

How are Truck Blind Spot Injury Claims Handled?

While all vehicles certainly have blind spots, the size of a semi-truck creates huge blind spots which can be hard, even for the most experienced and careful driver, to monitor. It is up to the truck driver to drive cautiously to avoid sidelining or hitting cars in their blind spots. Extra care is of the utmost importance when switching lanes, turning, slowing down, or even when driving into a blind spot, such as an intersection. It’s common for passengers or even driver of the other car to sustain serious injuries or even die when involved in an accident with a semi-truck.

A good attorney should, however, be able to investigate the accident to determine who was at fault. The accident can be due to the driver’s fault, the company, or even the manufacturer of the truck. It is the attorney’s responsibility to piece the evidence together to identify who was responsible for the accident before filing the case.

We at Pinder Plotkin have a team of seasoned and dedicated truck accident attorneys ready to look into your case and help you seek justice and compensation for injuries caused. The team will not only work tirelessly to make a solid case but also help deal with defense attorneys and witty insurance companies to ensure you get fair compensation for the same. Contact our law office today for a free consultation and case evaluation, after which you get to decide on the next step to take.

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