As car accident lawyers, we understand fault is a serious issue in Maryland auto accident claims. This is because it’s the responsible party that pays the losses from the collision. So, if you’ve been in a Maryland accident, someone must have advised you never to admit fault. Indeed, this is wise counsel because accepting the accident responsibility can jeopardize your chances of recovering damages.

Unfortunately, Maryland drivers often accept responsibility for collisions. And when they do, there’s little guidance on how this affects their claim. That’s why every driver should hire car accident lawyers after a crash. An excellent lawyer can ensure you don’t make careless mistakes like accepting responsibility.

Why Do Accident Victims Admit Responsibility?

Auto accidents are often traumatizing experiences. At that moment, the victim is most likely experiencing a rush of emotions. Therefore, it’s not unlikely for them to assume responsibility for the crash. However, no one should generally take their words seriously in such an emotional state.

But insurance companies are always scheming how to escape liability. Furthermore, collision victims often believe that they’re the cause of accidents. It’s this belief — right or wrong — that usually makes them accept fault.

How Do Car Accident Victims Admit Responsibility?

The primary way auto crash survivors admit fault is through official statements. The other party or their insurance company often approaches the victim to tell them about the accident. When they do, they’re not searching for the truth. Instead, they’re seeking how to pin the accident on this party.

Therefore, it’s best never to talk to the other party or insurers. If you must give a statement, ensure that you go with a car accident lawyer. However, recorded statements aren’t the only means of accepting responsibility. Simple gestures such as saying “I’m sorry” or offering money at the accident scene can be interpreted as admitting fault.

What Happens if I Admit Fault?

Accepting responsibility for the accident has the same effect as when the insurer assigns you the fault. Therefore, this action can reduce your settlement amount. It could also be a basis for the insurer to deny your claim. However, you may be truly responsible for the collision. If you admit this fact, the insurance company may increase your fault percentage.

Therefore, it’s best never to accept fault for any auto accident. It doesn’t matter whether you believe you’re at fault. You may be right, or you may be wrong. So, it’s best to let the investigation play out.

Only Discuss Fault With Your Lawyer

If you think you caused the accident, the right person to tell is your lawyer. This is because, after a crash, only your attorney has your best interests at heart. Therefore, they can ensure that that information doesn’t hurt your claim. In addition, the attorney-client privilege protects all discussions with your lawyer. No lawyer can thus leak your admission of fault to the other party.

Instead, a skilled attorney would conduct an independent investigation. This investigation would reveal whether you were indeed negligent. In addition, it can also determine your contribution to the collision. Finally, if you’ve already admitted fault to the other party, it would be best to inform your lawyer. This way, they won’t be surprised later.

Can I Still File a Compensation Claim?

Generally, filing a compensation claim after accepting accident responsibility would be challenging. However, all hope isn’t lost yet. This is because the other driver has to establish your responsibility. If you denied fault, the insurance company wouldn’t just believe your word.

Similarly, your word isn’t sufficient to assign responsibility. Instead, there has to be other reliable evidence establishing your confession. This is where your hope lies. If you weren’t really at fault, you could produce evidence to clear your name. But, conversely, if you were responsible, you can show the extent of your responsibility.

Both ways, you still have a shot at getting fair compensation for your losses. Furthermore, if the insurance company still denies your claim, you can escalate to the courts. A judge or jury would consider your lawsuit more objectively.

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers Can Still Win Your Case!

Have you been in a Maryland car accident? Did you accept responsibility for the collision? If you answer both questions in the affirmative, you may still be eligible for compensation. However, you’ll need the best Maryland car accident lawyers. Admitting fault toughens every accident claim.

Therefore, you’ll need an above-average lawyer. Fortunately, we have just the right lawyers for you at Pinder Plotkin LLC. Our attorneys have spent their lives representing accident victims. Furthermore, we’ve won cases for drivers who admitted responsibility. So, it’ll be best to call us to talk about how admitting fault affects your accident claim.

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