Award of Compensation

Chapter 13:  Award of Compensation

The Award of Compensation is an automatic award of workers’ compensation benefits that the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) approves when a claim is not initially challenged by the employer or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The auto award is generated once the deadline passes for the workers’ compensation carrier to challenge your claim on certain issues.

It is important to remember that the automatic award is not a final decision by the WCC. The worker’s comp insurance carrier may still challenge several issues related to your claim. For example, the insurance provider may challenge a certain medical procedure claiming that the procedure is not reasonable and necessary. The insurance carrier could challenge compensation payments and findings of permanent disability.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that the amount of the automatic award is typically not accurate.  The amount of the award is based on the information filed with the initial claim. The exact average weekly wage and other factors must be considered before a final award of compensation can be issued by the WCC. The automatic award is more of a formality when the workers’ compensation insurance carrier does not file an initial objection to your workers’ comp claim.

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