Passenger vehicle crashes in Maryland can be bad, but truck crashes can be exponentially worse. If you were hurt in a truck crash and did not cause the accident, you could be overwhelmed with medical bills and much more. This article explains who may be required to cover medical bills in a trucking accident. If you have been in a tractor-trailer crash and have injuries and damages, a Maryland truck accident lawyer at Pinder Plotkin can help you.

You’re Responsible for Medical Bills After a Truck Accident…

First, understand that you’re required legally to pay medical bills and expenses related to motor vehicle accidents in Maryland. Therefore, you must ensure that your medical providers are paid for their services. That said, where the funds come from after a truck accident depends on who was at fault.

…But the At-Fault Driver Is Ultimately Responsible for Medical Payments

Fortunately, Maryland has a fault-based system of auto insurance. This means any damages and losses that you incur in a motor vehicle accident are the responsibility of the liable driver or company. If the truck driver caused the accident, the trucking company’s insurance provider would most likely pay your expenses. Your Maryland truck accident attorney will represent you before the insurance company in an attempt to reach a fair financial settlement. If the insurance company doesn’t offer fair compensation, your attorney may file a personal injury lawsuit against the trucking company. Also, Maryland law allows you to purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This is a form of ‘no fault’ add-on coverage on your insurance policy. You can waive this coverage, even if the trucker caused the wreck. PIP pays for a few thousand dollars of your initial medical bills and lost income. This coverage offers a cushion while waiting for a financial settlement. Assuming the trucker or trucking company is liable for the accident, their insurance companies would reimburse your auto insurance provider when the case settles. Also, your health insurance may initially pay most of your medical expenses. It would also be reimbursed by the at-fault driver’s or entity’s insurance company.

Who Can You Sue After a Maryland Truck Crash?

As noted earlier, the at-fault driver is ultimately responsible in Maryland for paying your medical bills after a truck accident. However, unlike most passenger vehicle crashes, tractor-trailer accidents can have multiple liable parties, not just drivers. Possible liable parties in Maryland truck crashes include:
  • The tractor-trailer driver
  • The trucking or manufacturing company
  • The company that manufactured the truck
  • The manufacturer of truck parts
  • The company that loaded or shipped the cargo
Depending on the case, there are other possible liable parties in a truck crash. They could be liable if a third driver’s negligence were partially to blame for the accident. One company could own the trailer and another the truck cab. Both companies could be responsible for your medical bills and other damages. If this all sounds confusing, don’t worry: Your Baltimore personal injury attorney will unwind the matter and determine every possible liable party in the accident. Trucking companies in Maryland must carry at least $750,000 in liability insurance for general freight and $5 million in Hazmat coverage.

Why You Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident

Soon after the collision, the trucking company will deploy investigators to review the crash scene. They will try to reduce their liability for the accident. If you see anyone investigating the crash scene other than the police, it is essential to refrain from talking to them. Instead, hire a truck accident attorney to represent you immediately. This will ensure that you will receive the maximum settlement. Also, using an attorney to negotiate with the insurance company eliminates the risk of you saying something that undermines your claim. Also, the truck accident lawyer can access the trucker’s cell phone and logbook data during the discovery process. These pieces of evidence can be critical to proving the trucker’s liability in the accident.

Maryland Is a Contributory Negligence State

Last, Maryland is a contributory negligence state regarding motor vehicle accident liability. This means you cannot recover compensation if you are in any way responsible for a truck accident. So even if you’re just 1% to blame for a truck crash, you cannot obtain money for economic and non-economic damages. That’s why hiring an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney is so critical. A lot is at stake because your lawyer must prove the trucker, trucking company, or other entity was entirely at fault in the accident. Otherwise, you cannot recover anything in the case.

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Who Pays the Medical Bills After a Truck Accident

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