Statute of Limitations on Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents may be the worst type of accidents. Not only will you sustain some injuries, but you’ll also be embarrassed publicly. Controllers of premises have a responsibility to keep their surroundings safe for visitors. Therefore, if you slip and fall and injure yourself, you can recover compensation from the premises’ owner.

After a slip and fall, your next steps are crucial to your case. Any miscalculations can cost you your damages. So, it’s always best to engage a Maryland slip and fall accident attorney immediately after your fall.

Reporting Your Slip and Fall

If you suffer harm in a slip and fall accident, your next step should be to report the mishap to the premises’ owner or someone responsible for the surroundings. If it’s in a private residence, you can notify the occupants of the building.

You can report to the nearest security guard or a cashier, or any other worker for commercial premises such as stores and malls. Furthermore, if you fall on public property, it would be best to report to the city or town the same day if possible.

Many times, your injury may be so severe that an immediate report is impossible. It would be best to make the report as soon as you’re medically fit in such instances. Furthermore, you can check if the premise has an online reporting process. You can also mail a letter to the establishment while in recovery.

When Is the Best Time To Report a Slip and Fall?

The best time to report a slip and fall injury is immediately it happens. Some slip and fall accidents don’t cause immediate injuries. In such instances, it would still be best to report the wound on the spot. Also, some wounds can take a day or two after the fall before showing. If you don’t report early, the insurer may argue that the fall didn’t cause that wound.

Some commercial premises have regulations on slip and fall. They often set definite periods when you must report any accident. It could be days, weeks, or months. Usually, these reporting systems are also formal. The business may require that you fill out a form or any other document giving specific details of the accident, including:

  • Where you fell
  • When you fell and wounded yourself
  • Whether there were any eyewitnesses
  • What caused the fall

It would be best to determine if the premises have any set time for reporting slip and fall. Then, it would be best if you abide by their rules. Such adherence increases your chances of a quick recovery.

Why You Should Report Your Slip and Fall Early

Even if you don’t report your injury on time, you can still file a claim against the premises’ owner. However, it would always be best to report early because a late notice of your slip and fall late can have adverse effects on your case, especially if there were no witnesses to your accident.

Insurers and courts are often skeptical about unwitnessed injuries because of the possibility of foul play. This is made worse if you don’t report immediately. Even if you delayed reporting for only one day, it could still harm your case. Late reporting may also make you lose critical evidence, including witnesses and any physical evidence of the scene. Your memory of the incident also becomes less reliable as time goes on.

How Long Do You Have To File Your Claim?

It’s vital to understand that your timeframe for reporting your slip and fall is different from filing your lawsuit. While individual properties specify when you must report your injury, Maryland’s Statute of Limitations prescribes the time limit for filing a lawsuit.

A slip and fall accident is similar to other personal injury claims. So, the same time limit of three years applies to your case. The clock starts to tick from the date of your fall. If you file your claim after this period, the court may dismiss it. This time cap also applies if you suffer only property damage.

Hire the Best Maryland Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you suffered an injury in a slip and fall in Baltimore and you think it wasn’t your fault, you can get compensation from the premises’ owners. However, absolving you of responsibility and proving the negligence of the premises’ controller can be challenging. Therefore, it would be best to engage the services of a Maryland slip and fall lawyer.

At Pinder Plotkin, our lawyers are dedicated to holding premises’ owners responsible for any hurts they cause Maryland residents. We’re confident that we can get you the maximum settlement for your injuries. Therefore, call us today to start building your case.

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