Who Is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision Involving Multiple Cars?

Car accidents are bound to happen on the highway. They are spontaneous and unplanned and can occur in different ways. One of many types of common car accidents is a fender bender or rear-end collision, as any car accident lawyer will tell you.

This is an accident where one or more vehicles carelessly hits your car from behind. Many times, these accidents can result in severe damages to both life and property. Knowing who is at fault in a rear-end collision is a little tricky.

It becomes even more confusing in a situation where multiple cars ram into each other from the rear at the same time. This requires so many actions that may be overwhelming to handle alone.

An attorney can help smoothen out the processes, but first, let’s take a look at how to identify who is at fault in a multiple car accident rear-end collision.

Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions occur for several reasons. One of the first steps in identifying the cause of a rear-end collision in a multiple car accident is determining the cause.

  • Driving Aggressively

Sometimes some drivers use the road without caring about other road users. Driving as they please, cutting lanes suddenly, tailgating other vehicles, etc. Some do it to prove a point or scare off other road users. Many times this type of road usage earns them a fender bender.

  • Speeding

This is another major cause of rear-end collisions. Where one or more drivers are driving above the speed limit, if they need to step on the brakes suddenly, it may be too late. This will result in a rear-end collision if there are cars in front of them.

  • Divided Attention

Distractions while driving lead to a rear-end collision. Texting, calling, eating, talking while at the wheel can lead to a rear-end collision.

  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front, driving under the influence, and poor weather conditions may also lead to a fender bender.

How Do You Determine Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

All drivers on the road must obey traffic laws and drive safely. You are liable for causing a rear-end collision in Maryland if you are guilty of disobeying the traffic laws. The same goes for all other road users, and failure to do this is regarded as negligence.

As a general rule, if any vehicle stops lawfully and gets struck from behind, then the rear vehicle’s driver is at fault and is liable for the collision. However, Maryland also follows the Contributory Negligence Standard. This may have you a little worried.

Contributory negligence means that if you contributed to the accident, no matter how slightly, you are not liable to recover any damages or compensation from the other driver(s).

For example, Maryland law requires that drivers start signaling from about 200 feet before stopping. If the lead car stops suddenly without signaling from the appropriate distance and the car gets hit from behind, then the driver in the lead is responsible for the accident. This is only if the other driver(s) maintained a safe distance from the car in the lead.

If the lead car stopped abruptly without signaling and the rear vehicle(s) were also not following at a safe distance, the vehicles involved are all held liable for the accident.

What to Do When You’re Involved In a Rear-End Collision

Before you start panicking, there are measures you need to take if you are ever involved in a rear-end collision.

  1. Document the accident immediately after it happens, especially if you are not severely injured. Take pictures and notes of the accident because they will come in useful during court proceedings.
  2. Obtain the contact information of all parties involved. This is necessary if you ever need to contact them afterward. Leaving the scene of the accident without the necessary information of those involved may cost you your compensation in the future.
  3. Look out for injuries. Even if the accident doesn’t seem so severe, it is vital to go for a proper check-up and document any injuries resulting from the accident. There are many times accident victims feel fine after an accident and find some bodily injuries days later.

Get Help With a Rear-End Collision Lawyer in Maryland

If you’re ever involved in a rear-end collision in Maryland that may not be your fault, you need the services of a rear-end collision lawyer to prove it. At Pinder Plotkin LLC, we have expert car accident lawyers that will help you file your claim and get you compensation for any damages incurred. Contact us today for a free consultation; let’s help you get the best possible results for your rear-end collision case in Maryland.

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