Within a day or so of being involved in a car accident, you’re going to have to submit an accident claim to both your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company. You hope that it will be obvious that the other driver caused the crash, and your accident claim will be paid right away.

Unfortunately, it rarely works this way. Even in cases where the insurance adjuster approves your claim, it can take some time for that to happen. Once it’s approved, it will take even longer for you to actually get your check. Other times, the insurance adjuster thinks something is fishy with your accident claim right from the start. They won’t tell you this, but it is something to watch out for. This is just one other reason why you should hire a Baltimore car accident lawyer immediately after the crash. This way, your attorney can help you file your initial claim and make sure it includes everything it requires. This also shows the insurance company that you’re not going to be taken advantage of. When they see that you’ve hired a Baltimore injury lawyer, they know that you’re not going to take a denial of your claim sitting down.

If you have questions about your own accident claim, contact our office directly. We offer all new clients a free, initial consultation. You can schedule this consultation either on the phone or through our website. The idea is to make sure you speak with a seasoned Baltimore car accident lawyer right away so that they can make sure your claim is handled properly from the start.

The Insurance Company Will Pull Your Driving Abstract Right Away

One of the first things the insurance adjuster will do when they receive your accident claim is pull your driver’s abstract. This abstract will provide them with your entire driving history, from the time you got your license until the current day. It will show if any points were ever assessed against your license and why. It will also show if you have been in any traffic accidents. Finally, it will show if you’ve ever been charged and convicted of a driving offense such as DUI or driving while endangering children.

If it appears that you have a habit of getting into car crashes every year or two, this is going to raise a red flag to the insurance adjuster reviewing your accident claim. Something like this would raise some eyebrows. Even your Baltimore car accident lawyer would be surprised to see something like this on your driving abstract. It almost makes it look as if you plan to get in an accident every couple of years to get the Insurance money.

Like Your Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer, the Insurance Adjuster Will Review the Police Report

The next thing the insurance company is going to do is review the copy of the police report you supplied. If you fail to supply one, they can easily pull one on their own. Now, if you had a Baltimore car accident lawyer help you with your claim, they would have made sure a copy of the police report was included. It’s little things like this that can draw unwanted attention to your car accident claim.

When the insurance adjuster looks at the police report they’ll be looking for certain things. One of the first things they look to see is which party called 911. If either party told the police that the other driver tried to convince them to not call the cops, this will stand out to the insurance company. They will also look to see what kind of statement you gave the police when they arrived at the scene. If it seems that you were being evasive or untruthful, there is a good chance your claim will be denied. Finally, they’re going to look to see if you refused medical attention at the crash scene. People who suffer legitimate injuries tend to want to get checked out by a doctor right away.

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Do You Have a History of Filing Accident Claims?

One of the biggest red flags when it comes to reviewing auto accident claims is your history of filing these claims. Some of our Baltimore injury lawyers have represented clients who they found out got into an accident every two years on purpose to collect the insurance money. What we noticed was that the accidents always took place in different counties, and they almost always took place on days with really bad weather.

What we’ve learned from the insurance companies is that people who file fraudulent auto claims like to do so in inclement weather because they know the police will not want to stay outside to investigate the crash scene any longer than absolutely necessary. They also know that it’s easy to explain an accident away when the weather is bad. Finally, their hope is that any evidence that could work against them will be washed away in the rain. They also know that witnesses will have a much harder time recalling what they saw if vision was bad that night.

If Your Accident Claim is Denied, Your Baltimore Injury Lawyer May Be Able to Help

If your insurance claim was denied because they suspect it was a fraudulent claim, you need to get in touch with the Baltimore injury lawyer right away. At some point, it no longer becomes just about getting the insurance proceeds. You have to make sure that they don’t charge you with a crime for filing a fraudulent accident claim.

We suggest you call and speak with one of our Baltimore car accident lawyers right away and set up a date to come in for your free consultation. At this meeting, we will review any information you have already and any correspondence you received from the insurance company. It’s important to bring this information with you because this is what our attorneys will have to base their case on. As long as it appears that you have a valid accident claim and that it has merit, our firm will more than likely offer to represent you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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