Have you been suffered losses or been injured in an accident because of a company or individual’s negligence? If so, you may find that you are eligible to recover damages by filing a personal injury claim. Visiting with a Bel Air personal injury lawyer at Pinder Plotkin will allow you to share the information about your situation so they can investigate and get an idea as to what your chances are of recovering your losses.

Our skilled personal injury lawyers in Maryland will do all they can to determine whether or not you have a valid claim. If you do, you may have the opportunity to receive monetary damages, such as lost wages and medical bills, along with non-monetary damages, including the damage to your mental and emotional health, pain and suffering, and the loss of being able to take advantage of new opportunities.

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Hiring A Bel Air Personal Injury Attorney: The Benefits

A personal injury claim is quite a complex ordeal and requires the assistance of a Bel Air personal injury lawyer. Working with an experienced professional, they can determine who is at fault for the injuries sustained and to what extent the damages are.

Maryland Code § 11-504 requires your claim to be filed within a certain time period, typically three years. However, there are certain exceptions. A Pinder Plotkin Bel Air personal injury lawyer can ensure the claim is filed within that time limit and can explain any possible exceptions.

The contributory negligence rule is followed by Maryland and only a few other states. These legal constraints can be challenging to understand so consulting with a personal injury attorney in Bel Air can help make the process more manageable. Most states follow the comparative negligence rule, which states the amount of fault that is ruled by the court determines how much bearing the victim had on their own injuries. Maryland’s contributory negligence rule, though, states that if a victim had anything to do with causing their injury, they may not be able to recover damages from the responsible party.

At Pinder Plotkin, we can look over the circumstances surrounding your case to establish any fault you may have in causing the injuries. We can also assist since we have familiarity with the local personnel at the courthouse, know-how cases like yours have fared in the courts, and know the jurisdiction’s necessary legal procedures. With this knowledge, give our Bel Air personal lawyers an edge as they consider negotiation tactics, legal strategies, and prepare for trial if necessary.

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Personal Injury Cases  Handled by Pinder Plotkin

In a personal injury claim, the victim seeks to recover compensation for the damages they suffered because of someone’s negligent or harmful behaviors. Our personal injury lawyers in Bel Air have extensive experience dealing with many different types of personal injury claims, whether they have caused physical harm or not. Here are some of the common claims we have handled:

Call Our Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers In Bel Air

Recovering from a personal injury can cause a lot of stress, there may be physical and mental injuries to heal from, along with the financial difficulties that accompany paying for unnecessary medical bills and replacing any damaged property. You can avoid some of the stress and move on from the situation by allowing our Bel Air personal injury attorneys to worry about going after the compensation deserved from the incident’s responsible party. Having a Bel Air personal injury from Pinder Plotkin in your corner to ensure you go through the proper legal process to recover your losses lets you start to move forward as you do your best to put the past behind you.

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