Uber and other rideshare services are becoming one of the most popular forms of transportation in some areas in Maryland and throughout the United States. People use Ubers for a variety of reasons, such as convenience, efficiency, and cost. However, what happens if an Uber is involved in an auto accident? Who is responsible for injuries and losses sustained by the Uber passenger?

In the article below, our Pinder Plotkin legal team discusses Uber accidents and passenger claims to give you an overview of your options for recovering compensation for an Uber accident in Maryland.

Which Driver Caused the Uber Accident?

The first step in an Uber accident investigation involves determining who caused the accident. The party who was “at fault” or responsible for causing the crash should be liable for any damages caused by the crash. Therefore, we investigate the cause of the crash to determine the factors involved in the collision and who is responsible for each of those factors.

In some cases, the Uber driver may be at fault for the crash. However, that may not always be the case. Another driver could have caused the Uber accident. In other cases, road conditions, poor weather conditions, or defective vehicle parts could have played a factor in causing the Uber crash.

It is important to determine the exact cause of the Uber accident and identify each of the responsible parties before filing an accident claim. If more than one party may be responsible for your damages, we want to name all the parties in the claim to increase your chance of receiving maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Who Does a Passenger Sue After an Uber Accident?

If another driver caused the Uber accident, your injury claim would be against that driver. You file the claim against the driver’s insurance provider seeking compensation for your financial losses, pain, and suffering. As with any insurance claim, the insurance provider for the other driver may deny the claim or offer a settlement amount that is far less than the claim is worth.  In some cases, the insurance provider may attempt to shift blame to the Uber driver because it knows that Uber carries a large insurance policy on its drivers.

When an Uber driver causes a car crash, your injury claim should be filed against the Uber driver’s insurance coverage. Maryland requires all drivers to carry liability insurance in the event the driver causes an automobile accident. However, in an Uber accident, the driver’s personal insurance coverage may not apply. Most insurance policies exclude all losses associated with paid fares unless the driver purchased a specific type of automobile insurance policy that would cover accidents while transporting a paid fare.

In most cases, an Uber passenger must file an accident claim against Uber’s insurance policy that covers its drivers. Uber provides its drivers with third-party liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000 per accident when a driver is transporting a passenger.

Uber also provides uninsured and underinsured coverage. Therefore, if another driver caused the crash, but had no insurance or insufficient insurance to pay your claim, you may also receive compensation from Uber by filing an underinsured insurance claim as an Uber passenger.

What Compensation Can an Uber Passenger Receive After an Uber Accident?

The compensation you may receive after an Uber accident depends on many of the same factors used to determine compensation in any other auto accident. Some of the factors that will impact your compensation in an Uber accident claim include:

  • Who is at fault for the Uber accident;
  • The type and amount of insurance available;
  • The severity of your injuries;
  • Your total financial losses;
  • Whether you suffered any permanent impairments or disabilities;
  • The length of your recovery; and,
  • Whether you may incur future losses or damages related to the accident or your injuries.

Our Maryland Uber accident attorneys work closely with you to document your injuries and losses to ensure that we include all damages in your settlement claim. We also have experience handling Uber accident claims, so we understand the complexities involved in dealing with various insurance companies and a rideshare company.

Even though Uber may tell you that it accepts responsibility, don’t assume that means you will be treated fairly or receive full compensation. Check with a member of our Pinder Plotkin legal team before accepting a settlement to ensure you are receiving compensation for the full value of your Uber accident claim.

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