Vehicle Flips Over After a Crash in Perry Hall

A severe accident happened along Route 1 in Perry Hally on Monday morning.

When the Baltimore County Police arrived at the scene, they witnessed one overturned car.

The accident happened between Honeygo Boulevard and Chapel Road.

After the accident, Belair Road got closed between Honeygo Boulevard and Chapel Road.

At the moment there is no additional information about potential victims or injuries.

The police are investigating the case.

Being involved in an accident can drastically change one’s life. Medical treatments, lengthy recovery, lost wages, and other injury-related fees are just a few of the things a person can face.

What is necessary is that you always seek medical help after an accident, even if you feel well and have no visible injuries.

The medical examination can show internal bleeding and other injuries that might not feel painful at the moment.

Never avoid it because it could help you in your further case.

The smartest thing you can do in situations like these is to consult with a car accident attorney. He or she would review your case and you can know from the start what you can expect. Every case is different, so you should tell your attorney as many details as possible.

Keep in mind that insurance companies are working hard to underpay or even deny the claim. They would approach your case with their team of lawyers, so don’t go alone. Hire a skilled attorney who would help you go through the process.

Our team at Pinder Plotkin is here to offer you assistance for any case. Our car accident lawyers have long-term experience and can handle even the most challenging cases.

Call our office today and schedule your first consultation.

We are here to help you and work hard until you get your deserved compensation.


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