What Makes a Suitable Birth Injury Attorney in Maryland?

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Every mother wants to give birth to her baby without any complications or birth injury. As such, expectant mothers are usually quite careful during their pregnancies to avoid mistakes that may affect their baby’s health. Sometimes, however, accidents happen, and a new mother may have to bear the unpleasant reality of nursing an unhealthy child. […]

Can I Sue Doctor for Missing Baby’s Cord Prolapse?

Maryland birth injury lawyers are sharp negotiators

If your child died or sustained a birth injury because doctors and nurses missed a prolapsed umbilical cord or didn’t address it quickly, you should seek legal advice. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. However, you’ll need to work closely with a birth injuries lawyer in Maryland to ensure your rights are protected. […]

What Compensation Can I Get in a Maryland Birth Injury Case?

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Birth injuries can lead to lifelong consequences for children and their parents. Some injuries resolve themselves shortly after birth but others result in permanent disabilities. Some children need ongoing medical care throughout their lifetime, and this puts a financial burden on the family. Not all birth injuries are preventable and some result from difficult deliveries. […]

How Can I Prove My Baby’s Birth Injury Was Preventable?

Baby’s Birth Injury

Every mother looks forward to giving birth to a healthy baby. Unfortunately, sometimes babies suffer injuries during labor and delivery, causing lots of stress for parents and other relatives. While you figure out all the usual challenges of life with a newborn, you’ll also need to handle the complications. It can be difficult to know […]

My Baby Was Injured at Birth, Can A Lawyer Help Me?

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After anticipating a healthy child, it’s distressing to realize your baby was injured at birth. Many babies suffer minor injuries and they heal without treatment. However, some birth injuries are serious and they can lead to long-term health issues. This can make adjusting to life with a newborn a lot harder. Giving your child the […]

Limit on Non-Economic Damages for Personal Injury Claims


If you are injured in a personal injury accident or through medical malpractice, you sustain a variety of damages. In addition to the physical injuries, you sustain financial damages and non-economic damages. Under Maryland’s personal injury laws, you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages if the injury was caused by negligence or other […]

How Insurers Use Computers to Lower Your Car Crash Value

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Maryland personal injury laws do not contain a formula for calculating the value of an auto accident claim. As experienced accident attorneys, the lawyers of the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team understand the factors used to calculate the maximum value of a car accident claim.  However, we also understand how insurance companies value claims, including the […]

Recoverable Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical error

When a physician or hospital is negligent or fails in the duty of care, patients suffer. If a surgeon, doctor, nurse, hospital, or other medical provider makes an error, the result could be life-threatening. The consequences of medical malpractice change the lives of patients and their families forever. Some people never recover fully. Patients who […]

Recoverable Damages in Birth Injury Cases

Medical error

Parents spend months planning and dreaming about the day their son or daughter will enter this world. Becoming a parent changes your life forever. Sadly, not all births are joyous occasions. For far too many parents, the birth of their child is accompanied by one of the most painful things a parent can endure — […]

Facts About Our Contingency Fee Policy You Need to Know


When you are injured in an auto accident, dog attack, slip & fall, or defective product accident, you suffer a variety of damages. In addition to the immense physical pain and emotional suffering, many accident victims also incur substantial financial losses. It can be very difficult for a family to continue paying its bills and […]

Settle for More: Hiring an Attorney vs. Going It Alone


Taking the Long View Many times, people who have suffered personal injury as a result of another party’s negligence are confident in their ability to go it alone without the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney.

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