Being hurt in a truck accident is a big deal. In a moment, your life is turned upside down, and you have serious injuries. The last thing you want is for the trucking company to play tricks in the accident claim to reduce what they pay for your injuries. If you watch out for the common truck company tricks below, you will likely obtain higher compensation for your losses. If you have questions about a truck accident, contact a Baltimore, Maryland, truck crash lawyer for assistance.

The Insurance Adjuster Records Your Statement

If the truck driver caused the accident, expect a phone call immediately from the trucker’s insurance company. The insurance adjuster will pretend to help you and ask you about how the accident happened. Then, they will record your statement. Usually, the adjuster says they need to write you a check and settle the case. This is a typical tactic to reduce what the insurance company pays for your injuries and damages. The insurance company doesn’t care about your statements other than to use them against you to reduce your settlement. They intend to trick you into saying something that damages your claim. After the truck accident, you shouldn’t feel pressured to settle quickly. Instead, you should see your doctor and get a diagnosis and treatment. You also should talk to a truck accident lawyer, not the trucker’s insurance company. Your lawyer will handle insurance negotiations while you concentrate on your recovery.

The Insurance Adjuster Offers a Low Settlement

Almost every trucking insurance company will offer you a very low settlement at first. This is because they know you are probably injured, missing work, need money, and are scared about the future. You may be at your lowest point, and the insurance company knows it. If you talk to the insurance company, don’t take the money they offer, and don’t sign any documents without talking to a Baltimore truck accident lawyer. Insurance companies never offer a fair settlement if there isn’t a lawsuit threat. They want you to agree to a quick settlement before hiring a lawyer.

The Company May Destroy Evidence After the Accident

It’s not unheard of for Trucking companies to destroy or alter evidence after an accident. For instance, the trucking company might change or destroy the trucker’s log to show the driver wasn’t driving longer than he should have. They may also destroy the driver’s qualification file to hide the fact that they were not qualified to drive a tractor-trailer. They also may destroy the drug and alcohol tests taken after the crash.

The Trucking Company May Delay Your Claim

Trucking companies know time is on their side. If they can delay the case, it works to their benefit. They might say they need more time to collect evidence or their attorney is on vacation. Or maybe they need more time to find expert witnesses. They know the longer the case is delayed, the more likely you will get frustrated and give up. Or, you may settle for a small amount. Don’t let them win! Your best bet is to call a truck crash attorney in Maryland who knows how to fight trucking companies and quickly push for the most compensation.

They Discourage You From Hiring An Attorney

If you talk to their insurance company, don’t be surprised if they discourage you from hiring a lawyer. They may say that the case is simple and want to settle it for you quickly. After all, the argument goes, why get a lawyer involved and delay things? Their concern for you isn’t in good faith. Insurance companies would rather negotiate with an accident victim than a personal injury attorney. They know they can probably convince you to take less money. After all, most injury victims need money right now and don’t know what their case is worth. Make no mistake: You’ll always get more money out of a truck accident settlement by hiring an attorney. The additional money you get using an attorney will more than make up for the legal fees you pay at the end of the case.

They Use Surveillance

It might be hard to fathom, but insurance companies are known to use video surveillance of accident victims. They want to catch you doing something that you shouldn’t be able to do because of your injuries. For example, if you injured your back, the insurance company may try to get a video of you walking the dog or jogging around the block. Also, they may check your social media feeds to look for activities that suggest you aren’t as injured as you claim. That’s why it’s wise not to post on social media when you are in insurance settlement negotiations.

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Trucking companies and their insurers will use every trick in the book to pay you less than you deserve. But our Baltimore truck accident lawyers will stand up for you. We understand what you are going through and will fight for your legal rights. Call Pinder Plotkin today to find out how we can help with your truck accident case.
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