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The reputable personal injury lawyers in Baltimore continue to research these issues and aggressively represent clients who have been injured in rideshare accidents.

Baltimore and Maryland Car Accident Attorney - Pinder Plotkin

Maryland has many reckless drivers, and sometimes they cause severe car accidents. Being injured in a crash is frightening and stressful. You may have thousands in medical bills, lost earnings, and be uncertain about what to do.

Maryland has many reckless drivers, and sometimes they cause severe car accidents. Being injured in a crash is frightening and stressful. You may have thousands in medical bills, lost earnings, and be uncertain about what to do.

Why Hire an Auto Injury Lawyer?

Not every car accident case requires an attorney. For example, if you are in a minor fender-bender with no injuries, you can probably settle it on your own.

But other cases require a lawyer. For example, let’s say you’re in a car crash in Maryland, where the other driver hits you at 40 miles per hour. You break your hip and arm. You’re out of work for three months and need $40,000 in medical care and rehabilitation. You shouldn’t negotiate that amount out of the other driver’s insurance company without a lawyer.

But, you say, don’t car accident lawyers cost a lot of money? So how can you afford thousands in legal bills? Fortunately, Maryland car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning the attorney is paid out of your settlement or jury award. They are not paid unless they win your case, so your out-of-pocket costs are minimal.

It also is wise to hire an attorney when you have severe injuries because you almost certainly have pain and suffering. You need an attorney to fight for every dime of your mental and physical pain.

Some other reasons to hire a Maryland accident injury lawyer include:

  • No doctors will treat you for your car accident injuries
  • You cannot pay your doctors for the care needed for your recovery
  • You are in severe pain and cannot work for weeks or months
  • More than one person was at fault in the accident
  • The police were wrong about accident liability
  • A driver hit you and took off
  • You have so many medical bills you aren’t getting treatment
  • Someone died in the crash
  • You cannot afford to fix your car

Do I Have A Case If I Was Partially At Fault?

A driver turns left in front of your car, and you hit them. The accident would appear to be the other driver’s fault. However, you were driving 10 MPH over the speed limit. Can you still get a settlement?

If you are found partially liable for an accident in Maryland, you are barred from financial recovery. Maryland is a contributory negligence state. This means if you are even 1% at fault for the accident, you cannot receive compensation in a personal injury claim. So, it is critical for your car accident lawyer to prove the other driver was 100% at fault. This is not always possible in every claim, but your attorney will do their best.

Where Can You Find The Best Car Accident Lawyer?

Do you want to find the best car accident lawyer for the most significant settlement? Consider the following factors during your legal search:


Most attorneys focus on a legal specialty. However, personal injury law is a large specialty, and there are many different types of cases. For example, an attorney might focus on workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, or product defect cases.

If you are hurt from a car crash, you want an attorney with years of experience in car accident cases. Find a lawyer with a long list of impressive case settlements. They also should have a strong record in the courtroom, too. Some insurance companies will refuse to offer fair compensation. It helps your case to have an aggressive lawyer with an excellent courtroom reputation.


When sitting down with a car accident lawyer, notice how well they communicate. Do they answer your questions? Do they talk to you in a clear, patient manner? Do they have detailed recommendations about your case? You should also read reviews to determine how well the attorney communicates with clients during a case. You will have questions and concerns. So, you need an attorney you can reach quickly.

Financial Backing

Most car accident cases involve settlement with the liable party’s insurance company. But you never know. A stingy insurance company may balk at your attorney’s demands. That’s when your lawyer may need to take the case through a lengthy trial.

If that happens, it’s essential to have an attorney with the financial backing to see the case through to a successful end. So look for a law firm that has years of success in the field.

Contact Maryland Car Accident Lawyers Today

Being in a severe car accident is upsetting and stressful. It is one of the worst things people go through when they are hurt, out of work, and cannot pay their medical bills.

Fortunately, a Maryland car accident attorney can get you the compensation you need. If the other driver was at fault, your attorney will review the evidence and build the most convincing case possible to get a fair settlement.

The Maryland car accident lawyers at Pinder Plotkin understand what you’re going through. We are hardworking attorneys for hardworking people and will fight for every dime in your settlement. Call Pinder Plotkin today for help, or use our online chat to ask questions.

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