Baltimore Firefighters Community Advisory Council

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Baltimore Firefighter Community Advisory Council

The BFCAC will facilitate input from the Residential/Commercial Community of the City of Baltimore and the Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics and Dispatchers in the Local 734 to:

  • Share ideas, perspectives and opinions
  • Enhance engagement between the Union and the community
  • Advocate for the allocation of community resources by City of Baltimore
  • Promote issues of relevance to the community as they relate to the Fire Department


The BFCAC will operate under the leadership of a Chairperson and two Vice-Chairs, comprised of two Union Members and one-Non-Union Member. The BFCAC operates independently from the Baltimore City Fire Department.


BFCAC members must be at least 18 years old and live and/or do business in the City of Baltimore. Individuals who are interested in joining the BFAC may submit an application by clicking here

Time Commitment

BFCAC members are requested to participate in four in person meetings per year (as permitted by social distancing, via Zoom initially). There will be plenty of additional opportunities to volunteer as needed on projects and at community events. BFCAC members will serve a two-year term.

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