Speak to a Baltimore hit and run accident attorney if you sustain injuries in a hit and run accident. In Baltimore, a hit and run accident is defined as a collision where one of the vehicles involved in the crash leaves the scene of the accident shortly after the collision. In a hit and run accident, the driver of the car that has been hit mostly cannot identify the other vehicle that hit them.  You may have the eligibility to receive compensation for the damages and losses that you sustain. The team at Pinder Plotkin are here to help.

If you have been involved in a hit and run and accident call our Baltimore auto accident lawyers at the law firm of Pinder Plotkin to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss how to handle your case.

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What Are Some of The Most Common Hit and Run Accidents?

There are several types of hit and run accidents. The most common type of hit and run accident is when the at-fault driver may have been driving under the influence, using their phones while driving or driving while doing something they should not have been doing. After causing an accident, the driver then panics and leaves the scene.

Another type of hit and run accident is when a driver cuts another vehicle off on the road and they cause a chain reaction that results in an accident. The driver who has cut off the first vehicle may be unaware that their actions caused and an accident and they may then drive off.

Another example of a hit and run accident is when a car driver runs another driver off the road and they end up hitting a stationary object such as a power pole or wall. The driver who runs the other off the road may not know they have caused an accident and they may leave the scene. However, since the affected driver is not able to identify the offender as they have already left the scene, this type of accident is classified as a hit and run.

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Is There a Difference Between Regular Accidents and Hit and Run Accidents?

Yes, these two types of accidents are different. For starters, in a hit and run case, you cannot identify the at-fault driver. Typically, when an accident occurs, all the drivers involved usually exchange names, car registration details, and insurance information. However, in a hit and run scenario, you cannot do this since one driver usually has left the scene. However, if you are lucky, you can sometimes be able to take down the license information of the at-fault driver and as such, you may be able to trace them. Alternatively, the police may be cruising in the area and they can stop the offending driver.

What Type of Claim Can I File After a Hit and Run Accident?

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, you should consider filing a claim for damages to your car, any installations or facilities damaged during the accident and any injuries that you sustain in the crash. Upon contacting Pinder Plotkin, our car accident attorneys can help you file a comprehensive and formidable claim that will enable you to recover compensation for any damages to your car and injuries you sustain in an accident.

It is also important to note that after a hit and run accident, you do not know if the driver who leaves the scene has insurance. However, you can still get compensation if you have an insurance policy that also caters to uninsured motorist claims. If you have this type of policy, you can claim compensation from your insurer.

If your insurance policy does not cater to uninsured motorists, you can file for compensation from the Maryland automobile insurance fund. The only problem with pursuing compensation from this fund is that you may not get fully indemnified for your losses and damages. The Maryland automobile insurance fund is a fund that is run by the government and compensation is usually capped at $30,000. This is the minimum insurance coverage that all car owners in Maryland have to acquire before driving on the road.

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