Thankfully, most of us will never have to worry about getting hurt at work. This is because most of us don’t work in dangerous industries. However, if you do work in one of the more dangerous jobs, there’s always the chance you could get hurt while on the job. If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, there’s a chance you’ll be eligible for workers compensation benefits. However, if you don’t know what to do after your workplace injury, you could jeopardize your workers compensation claim. That’s why we recommend you discuss your case with experienced workers comp attorneys in Baltimore.

In this article, we will outline the steps you need to take after any workplace accident. We’ll also discuss why you must follow these steps. What you don’t want to do is make a costly mistake. This could ruin your chances of collecting benefits to which you may be entitled.

If you still aren’t sure what to do after reading this article, call our office. One of our experienced Baltimore, Maryland personal injury lawyers will sit down and explain the process to you. If they feel you have a case, they may be willing to represent you. If you decide to proceed, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that your lawyer is going to handle the legal side of things while you work on getting better.

You Must Report Your Workplace Injury to Human Resources Immediately

Regardless of what kind of workplace injury you suffer, you must report your injury. If need be, make sure you report it to your direct report. Once you report your workplace injury, you’ll be asked to complete an incident report. This report will be submitted to your employer’s workers compensation insurance company.

When your claim is submitted to the insurance carrier, your employer will let them know if it should be approved. Depending on the facts of your case, the insurance adjuster may approve or deny your claim. If they do deny it, you should call an experienced Baltimore, Maryland personal injury lawyer immediately.

We recommend that it’s a good idea to call an attorney before you hear back you’re your employer. You don’t want to be taken advantage of. The best way to prevent that from happening is by retaining legal counsel.

Make Sure You Go to the Hospital the Same Day

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is refusing to go to the hospital. If you don’t go to the hospital after your workplace injury, you risk having your benefits denied. You may feel fine in the hours after your work accident. However, a few days later, you may feel terrible. The problem is that, if you don’t go to the hospital right away, your employer will deny your claim. They’ll argue that something other than your workplace accident caused your injuries.

Make Sure You Are Treated by a State-Approved Workers Comp Doctor

When it comes to choosing a doctor to treat your workplace injury, you can’t choose to see your own doctor. You must be treated by a state-approved doctor in Maryland. If you refuse to do this, your claim will be denied. If you decide to see another doctor down the road, your benefits will be terminated. There’s no reason to risk this happening. Talk to your workers compensation lawyer in Baltimore and ask if they can talk to the insurance company. They may agree to switch doctors, as long as the new doctor is approved by the state.

In Maryland, there is a list of doctors who have already been vetted by the state. These are the only doctors you can choose from. Of course, you can always get a second opinion from another doctor. You just can’t be treated by them.

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Your Lawyer Won’t Be Able to Help if You Refuse the Drug Test

Most employers in Baltimore require their employees to take a drug test immediately after their workplace injury. Your employer wants to ensure you weren’t hurt because you were high or intoxicated. If you take the drug test and it’s positive, your claim will be denied.

One important point to make is that your employer may offer to pay for your drug rehabilitation. If this is the case, you should take them up on their offer. This doesn’t mean you’ll receive workers compensation benefits. However, it can help you.

If your workers compensation attorneys in Baltimore learn that your claim was denied because you were under the influence, they may choose to withdraw their representation. They know that the state is not going to force an employer to pay out workers comp benefits to someone who was on drugs at the time of their workplace injury.

Always Comply with Your Workers Compensation Doctor’s Treatment Plan

If, at any point during your claim, you refuse to take part in your medical treatment, your benefits will terminate. You are legally required to participate in your workplace injury recovery. You can’t do this if you refuse to comply with your doctor’s treatment plan.

Your employer has the right to demand that you cooperate with your doctor. They might even demand that you repay any benefits that have already been paid. The idea of workers compensation in Maryland is to help you get by while you’re recovering from your workplace injury.

If you’re uncomfortable with the treatment plan your doctor implemented, talk to your Baltimore, Maryland personal injury lawyer. They can talk to the insurance company and see if they’ll approve a different treatment option. alternate treatment. Plus, your lawyer can always get a second opinion. If a second doctor says that the treatment plan suggested is not in your best interests, you may have other options.

Reach Out to a Seasoned Workers Compensation Attorney in Baltimore Right Away

If you suffer a workplace injury, there is a lot at risk. You need medical care, and you also need money to survive. While you’re out of work, you will not be paid your normal wages. The last thing you want to do is risk having no benefits at all. You could miss months of work. You can’t afford to go without income during this period. If you’re worried that your claim may be in jeopardy, make sure to contact a Baltimore, Maryland personal injury lawyer.

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