If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might not know what to do. Who will pay for your medical expenses? How can you pay your bills? When you’re hurt and someone else is responsible, hiring a Baltimore, Maryland, car accident lawyer could be the best decision of your life. An aggressive, experienced car accident lawyer can squeeze the liable driver’s insurance company for as much money as possible. Those funds can help you recover physically and financially. Then, you can get back to regular life. If you wonder why you need a lawyer after a car accident, learn how a Baltimore car accident lawyer can help you below. Then, call Pinder Plotkin if you have questions about a case. Remember, we are hardworking attorneys for hardworking people.

A Car Accident Lawyer Deals With The Insurance Company

Imagine you’re hit from behind at a red light. You broke your arm, collarbone, and ankle. You’re in pain, out of work, and have a stack of medical bills on your kitchen table. Is this the best frame of mind to deal with a stingy insurance company? Of course not. Going up against an insurance company when you’re injured and not trained in insurance negotiations is a bad idea. The insurance adjuster has had months of training to minimize what their company pays you. They will use every trick in the book to avoid paying what you deserve. Insurance adjusters also try to get injured clients to say something in a recorded statement that wrecks their claim. For example, did the adjuster ask how you felt after the accident? If you said, ‘I feel fine,’ you may have damaged your case. When you hire a Baltimore car accident injury attorney, they will handle the insurance company for you. They know every trick the insurance company will play and will negotiate the best settlement. While your lawyer handles the negotiations, you can focus on your recovery and healing.

A Car Accident Lawyer Helps Prove Negligence

Being compensated in a car accident lawsuit means proving someone was negligent. If you cannot prove another driver or entity caused your injuries, you cannot get compensation in a settlement or lawsuit. Even in a rear-end crash, it’s a good bet that someone will try to blame someone else. They might even try to blame you for your injuries! Unfortunately, proving who was liable for the accident can be difficult. In Maryland, proving the other driver was negligent is especially important. This is because Maryland is a contributory negligence state. This means you are barred from receiving damages for your injuries if you contributed to the accident. Even if you are only 1% responsible for the incident, you are barred from financial recovery. Most other states allow you to recover damages if you are partially at fault for the accident. Maryland is an exception that makes some personal injury claims more challenging. But your Maryland car accident lawyer will work hard to prove the other driver was negligent.

A Car Accident Lawyer Helps You Understand What Your Case Is Worth

Most of us who have been in a car accident will underestimate the case’s value. When valuing the case, you may only consider your past medical bills and lost earnings. There could be a lot of money left on the table. For example, your injuries could require three months of rehabilitation. But, unfortunately, you cannot work for that entire time. Your attorney will talk to your doctors to determine how long you will need medical care, what it will cost, and how much work time you will miss. An attorney also will have a better idea of what your pain and suffering are worth. If you attempt to settle your case alone, you will almost always wind up with far less money for your pain and suffering. Yes, the attorney will charge you legal fees from the settlement, but you will get more money with their help anyway.

A Car Accident Lawyer Will Go to Court on Your Behalf if Necessary

Most car accident cases end in a settlement. Injured parties want to get money for their losses, and insurance companies want to avoid paying more in a trial. As a result, the insurance company might refuse to pay what the case is worth. If that happens, you still are in good shape with an experienced car accident attorney. Your attorney should have a successful trial record and can get you what you deserve in a jury verdict. Of course, it helps if the lawyer has a strong track record; this can encourage a stingy insurance company to offer a better settlement.

Don’t Go it Alone!

Unless it’s a minor fender bender without injuries, you should not attempt to negotiate a car accident settlement alone. Large insurance companies are notorious for sticking it to injured parties who do not have an attorney. These insurers lick their chops when they see someone hurt without legal representation. The insurance company will offer you a small settlement, knowing you are probably desperate for money and will take almost anything. You may not even know how serious your injuries are. However, if you accept a small settlement, the case is over, and there’s no going back. You also should hire a successful Baltimore, Maryland, personal injury attorney because the big insurance companies keep files on every law firm. They know which attorneys obtain big settlements and large jury awards. Be sure to hire a tough attorney with a strong track record to obtain the most compensation. Remember: You don’t pay upfront legal fees in a car accident case. Instead, your lawyer is paid from your settlement, so you have nothing to lose by talking to an attorney.

Contact Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers Today

When you’re hurt in a car accident, you endure pain, medical bills, weeks out of work, and the loss of your regular life. The good news is that a car accident lawyer can help get your life back on track. If someone’s negligence caused the accident, your personal injury attorney will use the available evidence to prove they were liable. Then, you can receive compensation for your injuries and other losses. The Baltimore car accident lawyers at Pinder Plotkin know you have difficulty with your injuries. Call Pinder Plotkin today for help, or use our online chat to ask questions.
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