Why Should I Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer to Handle My Claim?

If you’ve been injured at work, the last thing you’ll want to do is hire a Maryland workers comp lawyer and fight with your employer over your workers compensation claim. The way you see it, you got hurt on the job and your employer should take care of you. 

This was the whole reason that Maryland adopted the workers compensation system. It’s not as if your employer is paying for your care out of pocket. They’re paying for workers comp insurance regardless of whether they approve or deny your claim. However, many people see their claim denied, either by the employer or by the insurance company.

You may not realize how difficult it can be to appeal a workers comp claim. You may think it’s a matter of filling out some paperwork and having a telephonic hearing. However, it’s much more complicated than that. Furthermore, if you don’t have a workers comp lawyer, there’s a good chance your employer will take advantage of you. They know that you need the workers comp benefits, and they have the power to approve or deny your claim. This is why we always suggest that you call a Maryland workers comp lawyer if you suffer any kind of workplace injury.

You Don’t Want to Be at a Disadvantage Against Your Employer

Like it or not, your employer is a lot more powerful than you are. If you get hurt at work, they have the ability to tell the insurance company whether to pay or deny your claim. If they decide, for some reason, that you don’t deserve benefits, all they have to do is tell the insurance company to deny your claim. Maybe they think your accident happened on personal time. Or they may just think you’re exaggerating your injuries so you can stay home from work and get paid. Unfortunately, a few bad apples can spoil the system for everybody.

Once your employer finds out that you’ve hired a Maryland workers comp lawyer, they may change their tune. They may not want to go up against an actual attorney. Sometimes, the reason companies deny workers compensation claims is because they assume the worker will just accept their fate. This is probably because a lot of employees don’t know that they should hire a workers comp lawyer in Annapolis.

Your Maryland Workers Comp Lawyer Can Help You File an Appeal

If you need to file an appeal, it’s a good idea to retain a Maryland workers comp lawyer. First, your attorney knows how the insurance adjusters work and will not be intimidated to go up against them. They will take whatever information you can provide and include it in their petition for benefits. 

When you meet with one of our attorneys for the first time, make sure you bring as much information as possible. Make sure you bring a copy of your incident report letting your employer know you were injured. Also make sure you bring any correspondence you’ve received from your employer, their insurance company, or the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. Your workers comp lawyer will need all this information to prepare for your case.

Once the hearing officer gets to review all your information, they’ll give your employer a chance to respond. Depending on what your employer says, the hearing officer will either confirm the denial or approve your claim for benefits. Ideally, they will approve your claim and you’ll start to receive your benefits in a week or two. If this doesn’t happen, you can always call on a workers comp lawyer to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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You’ll Want a Workers Comp Lawyer Nearby if You Need to File Suit

Even if you think you can handle filing your workers comp claim on your own, you certainly don’t want to file suit against your employer all by yourself. There are too many mistakes you can make in the filing process that could cost you your case. For example, if you don’t follow the court rules your claim may be rejected and dismissed. 

If you don’t pay the right filing fee or don’t use the right form, your complaint can be dismissed. Even if you do all of these things right, your employer can file a motion to dismiss and have the case thrown out of court. This won’t happen if you have a workers comp lawyer handle on your case.

Your Maryland Workers Comp Lawyer Can Negotiate a Settlement 

One of the benefits of hiring a Maryland workers comp lawyer is that they have years of experience dealing with the insurance companies. They have honed their negotiation skills so that they can convince the insurance company to settle your claim. When it comes to workers compensation cases, you’re not going to demand traditional damages. You can’t sue for things like pain and suffering. All you can expect to receive are the benefits you would have received had your initial claim been approved.

On the other hand, if your lawsuit is filed months or even a year after your workplace accident, you may be able to demand permanent benefits. For example, if the doctor declares that you have a permanent disability due to a back injury, your workers comp lawyer can demand disability benefits. The same is true if you contract a serious illness on the job. A good example of this kind of case are the lawsuits filed by mesothelioma patients who were forced to work in or with asbestos. These petitioners were often diagnosed with a terminal illness that was caused by their job. In those cases, their attorneys were able to total disability benefits and potentially damages for wrongful death.

Call and Speak with a Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyer in Annapolis Today

If you get hurt on the job and feel that your employer does not have your best interest at heart, contact our office. You can either call us or reach out to us through our website to schedule your free, initial consultation with a workers comp lawyer.

If you truly believe you deserved workers comp benefits, it is worth taking the time to meet with one of our personal injury lawyers in Annapolis who specialize in workers compensation cases. Since your initial consultation is free, you don’t have anything to lose. Your employer will certainly have a team of lawyers working for them and you should too.

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