It could be the most embarrassing experience to slip and fall in a store. Not to mention that it could cause some serious injury. However, this type of accident is one of the most common.

They happen to kids when they’re tiny, clumsy, and still trying out their legs. But when you’re old, wise, and have gotten the hang of walking, you could still slip and fall, as most of us likely have.

All the same, sometimes, slips and fall accidents are not the fault of our clumsiness or inability to walk correctly. They could be the fault of other people not taking the proper precautions. In these cases, what do you do?

This article explains what steps to take if you slip and fall in a store.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Stores

Most store slips and falls, especially those that occur in large grocery stores, are caused by the following:

  • Abandoned carts and aisle obstructions
  • Slippery floors from spills
  • Wet floors from mopping
  • Missing or slippery floor mats
  • Faulty doors
  • Uneven floors

What Injuries Could You Sustain When You Slip and Fall in a Store?

The following are the common injuries you’re likely to sustain:

  • Severe cuts and scratches
  • Fractures
  • Concussions and brain injuries
  • Hip, back, and spine injuries
  • Death (in rare cases)

What Should You Do if You Slip and Fall in a Store?

Immediately after this type of incident, you must do the following:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

It is essential to ensure that you are okay before pursuing any action against the store. Therefore, you should seek medical care as soon as possible after a slip and fall in a store.

Even if you feel fine, you might have sustained some hidden injury during the accident. A medical practitioner will confirm the state of your health and treat you if there is a need. If you suffered an injury, you should also ensure that you get copies of your medical records and bills.

Identify the Cause of Your Accident

The next step is to identify what caused you to fall. Did you trip on your untied shoelaces? Were you looking into your phone and so missed an object that caused you to slip and fall? Did the store have wet and slippery floors? Was there a warning about that? These details are essential as they help determine what decision to take about your accident.

Document the Situation

Most slip and fall cases are swept under the carpet because no documents or facts support the victims’ claims. It would help if you did what you can to record the incident. You can take a picture, write down what happened as soon as possible, etc.

Speak to Witnesses

You might occasionally get tired of other shoppers getting in the way of your shopping, especially when you’re in large grocery stores. However, this is one of the times that it could be advantageous. If anyone witnessed your slip and fall, you should speak to them. Document the details of what they saw and collect their contact information. This could come in handy later if you decide to pursue the case.

File a Report

Most stores have a system to report slip and fall accidents that occur on their premises. You should speak to the store manager about that and file an incident report with them. However, you must ensure that you give a detailed description of what happened.

It will help if you do not let the staff browbeat you into changing the details of what occurred. Also, they might try to offer you compensation on the spot. This might not be in your best interest. As such, you might want to speak to a lawyer before accepting their attempt to remedy the situation.

Speak to a Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall accidents are as common now as when you were a toddler. This means that you can find an attorney who has years of experience with these type of cases. A competent attorney would ensure that they obtain every piece of evidence needed for your case. They will also ensure that the store adequately compensates you if you suffer an injury.

Contact a Pinder Plotkin Attorney Today!

Our attorneys at Pinder Plotkin LLC are just the right people to speak to if you experience a slip and fall in a store. We offer you a free consultation and will represent you at no upfront charge. If you have experienced this incident or know someone who has, contact us today to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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