Preparing for the worst-case automobile crash scenarios doesn’t mean you’re anticipating danger. It just means that you’re not taking chances, and you’d be best prepared for any such eventuality. A car accident lawyer is always useful following traffic collisions.

If you live in the US, the probability of witnessing a car accident is pretty high. According to auto accident statistics, the United States has about 280 million vehicles in operation. The reports also show that in 2018, about 12 million vehicles were involved in crashes.

One of the leading death causes of persons under 55 years in the US is car accidents. As such, it’s essential to brace up for such occurrences as you use the road. Unfortunately, you may not only witness a traffic crash, but you may also be a victim too. While it’s an unpleasant situation, it’s best to arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do in such cases.

How Can I Prepare for an Auto Crash?

Preparing beforehand for a car accident means being equipped with the relevant materials you’ll need at the crash scene. It’s the first step to being efficient in such cases. Knowing what to do without having the suitable materials to do them will lead to futile efforts.

Here’s how to prepare for a traffic crash:

  • Have Your Auto Insurance Coverage 

Some states, like Maryland, are at-fault states. These states, also called tort states, make it compulsory for car owners to have car insurance coverage. Driving without insurance in Maryland attracts fines and even license confiscation. Therefore, always make sure you have at least the minimum auto insurance coverage whenever you drive.

  • Keep Essential Documents in Your Car 

More than just having car insurance, it’s best always to have proof of insurance in your vehicle. Asides from that, you must take your car registration and driver‘s license with you always. This helps in severe cases where you cannot provide information by mouth at the scene.

Also, if you have allergies or any critical medical condition, keep such information in your car. It’s also wise to have your doctors’ contact too.

  • Keep Your Emergency Tools Handy 

Emergency tools and supplies include flares, orange cones, emergency signs, etc. You never can tell when those will come in handy in an accident scene.

  • Always Have a Recorder in Your Possession

If you are the victim, having a recorder in your possession can help a great deal in proving your claims. That’s because, without evidence of what transpired, it will be challenging to get compensation. Take pictures and videos of the scene and interview witnesses if you can.

What Should I Do at the Crash Scene?

Whether you are a victim of a car crash or not, you must do the following if you witness an accident:

  • Stop 

If you’re involved in a car accident, don’t just drive off after the collision. If you’re a passerby, you should stop at the scene to offer assistance if possible. It is important in cases where none of the affected drivers are in a position to help one another.

  • Offer Assistance to Casualties 

If possible, offer assistance to those who are injured or need any form of help. However, if you’re a victim, check that you don’t need help yourself before you do anything.

Offering assistance could mean calling an ambulance. It could also mean offering water to a victim who needs it. However, make sure not to move any injured person except there is a medical practitioner present.

  • Dial Local Law Enforcement 

After dialing the hospital, you must call the police. The police will access the scene of the crash and make a report. This report can help your case later on during insurance negotiations or in a car accident lawsuit.

  • Exchange Contact Information

Exchange information like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., with all the accident drivers. Also, take note of their driver’s license number, car insurance company, and policy number. If you can, document the drivers’ car color and model. These will come in handy if the drivers try to run.

  • Never Admit Blame

Even if you’re at fault, never say so. If you must answer any questions, only state facts and not opinion.

  • Gather Evidence and Call Your Lawyer

Take photos and video recordings of the accident scene. Next, call your attorney to instruct you on the next steps.

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