What Can A MD Attorney Do For You After An Uber Accident?

Rideshare services have become more popular, especially in larger cities that rely heavily on public transportation. Companies like Uber have made it easy for individuals to avoid the cost of owning a vehicle by creating an app that allows individuals to order and pay for a ride quickly. However, with more Uber drivers on the road, there are bound to be more Uber accidents. If you are injured in a crash involving an Uber driver, you may want to consult a MD attorney to discuss your legal rights and options for filing an accident claim. Who is Responsible for Damages Caused by an Uber Accident? As with any traffic accident, the party who caused the crash can be held liable for damages arising from the collision. If the Uber driver caused the crash, the Uber driver should be held liable for damages. However, the first step is to determine how the accident occurred. A MD attorney conducts a thorough accident investigation to determine the cause of the crash. In most cases, the cause of the crash points to a responsible party. For example, if two vehicles crash at an intersection because a vehicle is turning left, the driver who failed to yield the right of way is at fault for the crash. It could be the driver turning left if he did not have the right-of-way or the driver traveling straight if he ran a red light. In some cases, a car crash can be caused by a defective car part, which could lead to a claim against the car or part manufacturer. In other cases, a dangerous or hazardous road condition may lead to a claim against a government entity. Responsibility When Another Party Caused the Crash If the other driver or another party was responsible for causing the Uber accident, that party could be held liable for damages sustained by the Uber passenger and Uber driver. A MD attorney can help you file a claim against the responsible party for damages. The insurance provider for that party typically is responsible for paying the injury claim. Responsibility When the Uber Driver Caused the Crash The matter becomes more complicated when the Uber driver is found to be at-fault for the crash. Most private insurance companies refuse liability for Uber accident claims because private insurance policies do not cover accidents involving a paid fare unless the Uber driver has a commercial or business car insurance policy. However, Uber typically requires accident victims to file a claim against the driver’s insurance coverage and receive a denial before it will pay damages under its insurance coverage. Uber drivers are now covered by liability insurance provided by Uber when they are available for a ride request, on the way to pick up a rider, and while transporting a rider. A minimum of $1 million in coverage applies when transporting a rider. Filing an Uber Accident Claim If you are in an accident involving an Uber driver, you need to know how and when to file an accident claim with Uber. Uber accident claims can be complicated and involve more than one party. Uber may deny liability for the accident, making it much more difficult for an accident victim to receive compensation. Working with a MD attorney who has experience handling Uber accidents is a plus. An attorney who handles Uber accidents is familiar with the process of filing an accident claim, the documentation required by the company, and how the company negotiates a settlement for injury claims arising from an Uber accident. The experience, skills, and resources of the MD attorney can result in a much higher payment for an Uber accident claim than if the person tries to handle the claim without an attorney. Furthermore, Uber has a team of professionals working to protect its best interest. An accident victim deserves to have a legal team on his or her side to ensure that the victim is treated fairly regarding an accident claim. Contact a MD Attorney for Help with an Uber Accident Claim If the Uber driver is responsible for causing an accident that injures other people, Uber should be responsible for the payment of damages. While this concept may appear straightforward, it is not always the case. Uber’s insurance provider may deny or delay a valid claim. It may undervalue a claim. In either case, it is beneficial to have a MD attorney on retainer who can begin working on the accident claim immediately. Call 410-525-5337 to schedule a  free consultation with a MD attorney to discuss your Uber accident case.
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