What Can A Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney Do

If you are injured on the job or you are diagnosed with an occupational illness, you need to file a workers’ compensation claim immediately. Employees hurt at work are entitled to workers’ comp benefits under Maryland’s workers’ compensation system. If your claim is accepted, the workers’ comp carrier or your employer pays your reasonable medical expenses. You also receive compensation benefits that partially reimburse you for your loss of income. When the system operates as it is intended to operate, injured employees receive the help they need to recover from a workplace injury or illness. While you are not required to hire a Maryland workers compensation attorney to file a claim, you may need or want an attorney to assist you with your workers’ comp claim. Seven Things a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Do For You If you have been injured at work or your job has caused you to become ill, a Maryland workers compensation attorney can help you by:
  1. Confirming your injury or illness is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.
Even though most injuries and work are covered by workers comp, there are some exceptions. If your employer or the workers’ comp carrier tells you that your injury or illness is not covered, an attorney can confirm whether your injury or illness falls into one of the very few exceptions to coverage.
  1. Assisting you in filing your claim.
Mistakes and errors in filing a workers’ comp claim can result in unnecessary denials and delays. An experienced attorney can help you file your claim while you focus on your medical care and recovery.
  1. Explaining the workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to receive.
Workers are entitled to receive reasonable medical care for a workplace injury or illness.  Also, they are entitled to receive Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) or Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits if they are out of work because of the illness or injury. However, workers may also be entitled to receive additional benefits if their condition results in a permanent disability or impairment. They may also be entitled to vocational rehabilitation benefits. A Maryland workers compensation attorney reviews your claim to determine if you are receiving all benefits you are entitled to receive by law.
  1. Gathering medical records and other evidence for your claim.
In cases that are denied or involve a permanent disability, it may be necessary to gather medical records and other evidence to support your claim. It may be necessary to retain independent medical examiners to provide medical opinions related to your injury, treatment, and recovery. The Pinder Plotkin legal team handles gathering all necessary evidence for you so that you do not have this added stress and burden while you are dealing with a workplace injury.
  1. Handling the appeal process for a denied workers’ comp claim.
If your claim is denied, your Maryland workers compensation attorney handles the appeals process. The appeals process for a workers’ comp claim is very specific. You are required to follow the process and manage deadlines. It is easier to allow an attorney to handle this matter for you than to do it on your own.
  1. Negotiating a settlement for permanent injuries and disabilities.
If you sustain a permanent impairment or disability, you are entitled to additional compensation. The Workers’ Compensation Code sets the compensation for permanent impairments. However, a disagreement may exist regarding the severity of the impairment, the type of impairment, or the basis for the compensation. An experienced attorney fights for maximum compensation for your injuries.
  1. Filing a third party lawsuit.
In some cases, a third party may be liable for injuries arising out of a workplace injury. When a third party is involved, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, in addition to full compensation for all lost wages. A Maryland workers compensation attorney reviews the circumstances of your workplace injury to determine if a third party action is justified. Check out Relevant Workers' Compensation Blog Posts: Know Your Rights: A Summary of Maryland Workers' Compensation Law Workers' Comp for Public Safety Employees in Maryland Contact a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney for a Free Case Review Do not rely on advice from your employer or a representative of the workers’ comp carrier to make decisions regarding your legal rights after being injured at work. You need legal advice from an experienced attorney whose sole goal is to protect your best interests and obtain the workers’ comp benefits that you need as you recover from an accident or illness at work. For your free consultation with a Maryland workers compensation attorney, contact Pinder Plotkin at 410-525-5337. Before agreeing to a workers’ comp settlement, learn about all your options from a trusted legal advocate for injured workers.  
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