Every year, about 1,600 crashes in Maryland involve motorcycles. Even though motorcyclists travel in the same conditions as other motorists and at the same speeds, they don’t have the same protection. At the same, many bikers execute high-risk maneuvers on the roads. This makes them especially vulnerable when accidents occur. It’s rare for a motorcyclist to walk away from an accident without any injuries.

If you’re a cyclist, your goal should be to stay as safe as possible when you travel around the city. In addition to wearing a helmet and protective clothing, you should be aware of the most common ways that motorcycle accidents occur. This doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get involved in a crash, but it can help to reduce the risk. In the event that you do get hurt, you should seek legal advice from an Ellicott City motorcycle accident lawyer.

Reasons Why Motorcyclists Get Involved in Accidents

There are several actions and conditions that can lead to an accident. In some cases, it’s clear why the accident occurred but in others, it’s harder. Here are some of the reasons why motorcycle accidents often happen.

Someone is Speeding

City people are often rushing from one place to another. Sometimes, this gets them to their destination faster. Other times, they get involved in a crash that results in serious injuries and extensive property damage. Drivers who speed are more likely to lose control of their vehicle and hit someone else. Meanwhile, they are less likely to spot small vehicles like motorcycles and bicycles. Even if they see you, they may not have enough time to stop before they crash into you. Accidents that involve excessive speed tend to cause more serious injuries.

Someone is Driving Carelessly

Speeding isn’t the only thing you have to watch out for when you’re on your bike. Drivers who are traveling at normal speeds often neglect to check their blind spots to see if there are motorcycles around. When they change lanes or turn in another direction, they tend to only look for larger vehicles. Even when they check their blind spots, they may not signal their intention to turn. When drivers make sudden maneuvers, they put motorcyclists at risk. If a driver acts recklessly and you get injured as a result, an Elliott City motorcycle accident attorney can help you to get compensation.

Someone is Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Anyone in Ellicott City can cause an accident if they use a legal or illegal substance that impairs their ability to control a vehicle. Intoxicated drivers, whether they’re on a motorcycle or in a car, put both themselves and other road users at risk. Motorists who use drugs or alcohol usually have poor coordination, slower reaction speeds, and poor judgment. You can’t stop other people from driving while intoxicated but you can ensure that you don’t ride while impaired.

An Inexperienced Driver is Involved

Drivers don’t automatically know how to estimate how fast a motorcycle is traveling or how far away it is. If a driver is young or inexperienced, this lack of knowledge can cause them to strike a bike that they thought was further away. Inexperienced motorists are also more likely to panic if they encounter a road hazard or an unfamiliar situation. They may lose control and hit another road user.

There’s a Hazard in the Road

Motorcycle accidents aren’t only caused by other drivers. Potholes, oil spills, and uneven pavement can all cause a motorcyclist to crash. It’s also dangerous when roads aren’t adequately marked, or they don’t have proper signage. If you encounter a hazardous situation, you should adjust your speed if possible. However, depending on the circumstances, there may not be anything you can do to avoid a crash. In some cases, the entity responsible for maintaining the road can be held responsible. These cases can be complicated, so you’ll definitely need a lawyer to help you.

You Bike Malfunctioned

Another possibility is that your there’s something wrong with your bike or one of its parts. Maybe you bought it with a defect or the repair shop made a mistake when fixing it. You may be able to get compensation from the at-fault party if you can prove they were negligent in some way.

Let Pinder Plotkin LLC Help You with Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries and some victims require long term treatment. If you’re facing high medical bills and lots of time off work, you must do everything you can to get fair compensation. Schedule a free consultation with our Ellicott City motorcycle accident lawyers today!

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