What Type of Expert Witness Do I Need for an Injury Case?

An expert witness can make a lot of difference to an injury case. There are many reasons why you may have a personal injury case to settle. For example, someone may have caused a car accident that caused severe physical and emotional trauma to you. Then, again, you may have had a slip and fall accident at a grocery store due to the store owner’s negligence. Regardless of the type of personal injury claim, you’ll need to hire a personal injury attorney for a fair settlement.

In a lawsuit, depending on the facts of your case, you’ll also need eyewitnesses’ testimonies to corroborate your claims. Eyewitnesses are persons who were present at the accident scene. In court, they will testify what led to the accident and disclose everything they saw happen.

Apart from eyewitnesses, you may need to call an expert witness to verify your claims. Unlike eyewitnesses, expert witnesses were not present at the crash scene when the accident occurred. However, due to their knowledge and training, they can confirm your earlier statements.

This article discusses the types of expert witnesses you may need for your personal injury case. In addition, our personal injury lawyers at Pinder Plotkin, LLC, offer you legal advice and excellent representation.

Are Expert Testimonies Necessary for My Case?

Not every personal injury case needs an expert witness’ testimony. However, in some cases, calling an expert witness can make all the difference. That’s especially if:

  • Your Case is Complicated and Requires Technical Evidence

Sometimes, your case may be too complicated for a court to make a sound judgment. In such cases, the court will need expert witnesses to clarify the technicalities in the case.

  • You Need Credible and Objective Testimony

Expert testimony is objective and can improve the credibility of your statement.

What Type of Expert Witness Will Benefit My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There are different types of expert witnesses you may need for your personal injury claim or lawsuit. Your accident attorney can help you find the best one. Usually, your expert witness will be any of the following:

  • Manufacturing Expert 

A manufacturing expert can be an essential witness in a defective product claim. They can help to demonstrate how a product’s defect caused your injuries.

  • Accident Reconstruction Expert 

You will need accident reconstruction experts mostly in car accidents and slip and fall cases. Their job is to reconstruct the accident scene and give graphic details of what transpired.  By reconstructing the accident scene, they can answer questions about what/who caused the accident.

  • Medical Expert 

A medical or health expert can be a doctor, nurse, or any medical personnel who specializes in your type of injury. They can testify about the nature and extent of your injuries as well as the long-term prognosis. They can also answer questions about how your injuries affect your day-to-day activities.

  • Forensic Expert 

Some personal injury cases require forensic investigations. A forensic expert gives forensic-related reports during the trial. This type of expert witness is sometimes, but not always, a medical doctor. Where a piece of evidence gets missing, a forensic programmer can recover them and give testimonies in that respect.

  • Economic or Financial Expert 

To get compensation, you must prove that you sustained specific injuries due to the accident. Sometimes, you may need a financial expert to demonstrate the economic impact such damage will have on you in the future.

  • Mental Health Specialist 

You can only receive noneconomic damages if you can prove emotional injuries. To confirm that you sustained psychological trauma, for example, you may need to call a mental health expert. This expert can corroborate your testimony that you suffered a mental breakdown as a result of the accident. They can also show how such mental trauma affects your quality of life.

  • Engineering Expert 

An engineering expert is relevant mainly in premises liability claims and lawsuits. For example, you may need an expert in engineering to prove how the premises owners’ lack of maintenance caused your injuries. Engineering experts can, where necessary, also show the court how a building’s structural integrity failed.

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