Two Injured in Purple Line Electric Work Accident in Maryland

Injuries were reported in a work accident in Maryland on Wednesday. Two people who were working on the Purple Line near the University of Maryland were injured after coming in contact with a live electrical feeder inside a manhole. The workers worked for Kelly Electric and were relocating a power line inside an underground manhole on campus. According to Purple Line spokesman Ray Feldmann, the workers were transported to local hospitals.

The work accident in Maryland is under investigation, and the work on campus was suspended until the investigation is finished, said Feldmann. After the accident, the university experienced a brief power outage on Wednesday morning. The campus police said the power was completely restored on campus at around 7:30 p.m. This power shortage didn’t interrupt the classes schedule and accommodations were made for staff working in the buildings, Feldmann said.

According to Feldmann, the Maryland Transit Administration worked with Kelly Electric and the university to return power to the affected buildings. According to the campus police most but not the entire building has had the power restored.

Personal injuries of this type require immediate help. This is a typical injury at work so should be regulated with workers’ compensation. However, not all workers are employed for the company they work for. If that is the case with you, you might face challenges to get compensation for your injuries. It is best to seek legal assistance from a Maryland personal injury attorney or an attorney who has experience with workers’ compensation.

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