Two Teens Killed in a One-car Crash in Prince George’s County

Two teenagers were the victims of a one-car crash in Prince George’s County early Sunday morning, according to local police.

A car going west in the 7500 block of Annapolis Road in New Carrollton when it struck a tree. The police responded about 1:45 a.m. The police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

The eighteen-year-old driver Kevin Escamilla Escalante from Capitol Heights, and their passenger, sixteen-year-old Kaylin Ramirez from the Woodlawn area, were killed at the scene, the police said.

Another passenger sustained injuries in the crash in Prince George’s County, but they are not believed to be life-threatening.

Fatal accidents involving teens are terrible tragedies. The reason behind such accidents could be anything from speeding, lack of driving experience, but also driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No matter how the accident happened, the family needs to get legal assistance from a car accident attorney who has experience with similar cases. They will review the case and let the family know what they can expect. Sometimes faulty car parts could be the reason for the accident, so the attorney will advise you to seek fault in the shop that was repairing the car. If the drivers were minors and were drinking, your attorney could investigate where they got the alcohol (the parents may sue that establishment).

Even though nothing can bring the lost life, the victim’s family should know that seeking justice is important and that they shouldn’t give up. Our team of attorneys at Pinder Plotkin is here to help you and review your case. Let us do our job by helping get the closure you deserve. If another party was responsible for the crash, we’ll make sure you get the compensation claim you deserve. Call our office and schedule your first free consultation.


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