What Are the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

motorcycle accident injuries

Motorcycle accidents are some of the worst types of motor vehicle accidents. Just the thought of a person riding on their motorcycle and getting hit by a car or SUV is frightening. There’s nothing standing between you and the other vehicles. Plus, there’s very little to protect you other than a plastic helmet. A motorcycle […]

Motorcycle Laws in Baltimore, MD: What Should I Know?

motorcycle laws in Baltimore

Laws are essential as they let us know our rights and responsibilities and help maintain a just and fair society. Laws also guarantee orderliness, especially when on the road. This explains why there are federal and state rules on how road users should behave. The State of Maryland has laws that road users must follow, […]

5 Ways a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal and expensive for the people involved. Medical bills for motorcycle accident victims are often costly, putting a strain on both the victims and their families. If you were not at fault for the accident, you should not be responsible for the costs of your injuries, and this is where an […]

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: How Much Does It Cost?

motorcycle accident lawyer

The issue of costs for the services of a lawyer is usually a major concern for victims of motorcycle accidents. If you wonder how much a motorcycle accident lawyer will take from you, the answer is “nothing until you win.” Yes! Nothing. You can get a lawyer to take up your case without parting with […]

How Motorcycle Bias Can Affect Your Accident Claim

Motorcycle bias concept motorcycle on road

Motorcycle bias is a real thing, even if you may not immediately realize it. Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys know there’s a high motorcycle accident rate in America. In 2019 alone, 5,014 motorcyclists died from motorcycle collisions. This figure made up 14% of the total US accident fatalities for 2019. Furthermore, there were 75 motorcycle fatalities […]

Settlement Times for Motorcycle Accidents in Maryland

crash in Annapolis

Ask any Maryland motorcycle accident attorney, and they’ll tell you that motorcycle accidents are often very dangerous. Unlike other motor vehicles that put a barrier between the occupants and other vehicles, motorcycles offer little to protect riders. They also don’t have seat belts, airbags or automatic braking systems. As a result, motorcyclists often suffer serious […]

Denied Motorcycle Insurance Claims: Ellicott City Lawyer

driving without insurance-Maryland

Any Ellicott City motorcycle accident lawyer knows that sometimes clients will face denied insurance claims. No one wants to get a letter saying that they won’t be getting the compensation they believe they deserve. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to many motorcycle accident victims. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to […]

Protect Your Claim After Motorcycle Accident


Almost any Baltimore motorcycle accident attorney will let you know that riding a motorcycle is naturally more dangerous than driving a passenger vehicle. Very often, drivers don’t see motorcyclists before they go through an intersection or change lanes. Motorcyclists also don’t have seatbelts or airbags to protect them, so they often receive serious injuries when […]

My Motorcycle Accident was Minor. Why Do I Need to See a Doctor?

motorcycle accident

No one enjoys being poked and prodded by a doctor or being asked multiple questions about how they feel. And after the shock and trauma of a car accident, some people just want to leave the scene and go home. If you were involved in a Maryland motorcycle accident that didn’t appear serious, you may […]

Compensation for Injured Motorcycle Passenger

car accident

When you decide to get on a motorcycle that someone else is driving, you trust them to operate the vehicle safely. Given how serious motorcycle accidents can be, you probably wouldn’t ride with someone you don’t trust. However, even a simple mistake or a poorly thought out decision could put you in danger. Fortunately, there […]

How Much Compensation Can I Recover Following A Motorcycle Accident?

Baltimore motorcycle accident attorney incident

No amount of money can take away the injuries and related losses caused by a motorcycle accident. However, victims often want to know how much compensation they are likely to get. This helps them to determine if it makes sense to pursue an insurance claim or a lawsuit. It also helps them to plan their […]

Pursuing a Maryland Motorcycle Accident Claim

Bel Air motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcyclists have the right to use Maryland’s roads just like other road users. They can also reasonably expect that other motorists will operate their vehicles in a safe manner. When other road users are negligent and they cause an accident, the motorcyclist may have the right to compensation. However, you may not know how to […]