Drunk Driving Uber Accidents In Maryland


Many people argue that Uber and other rideshare services have been a significant factor in reducing the number of drunk driving accidents. While this argument may be true, it does not mean that Uber vehicles or drivers are never involved in drunk driving accidents. An Uber drive can be under the influence of drugs or […]

Drunk driving Lyft Accidents in Maryland

sobriety checkpoints in maryland

One of the common reasons that people use Lyft rideshare services is to avoid a DUI charge. Lyft and other rideshare services offer a safe way for individuals who have had too much to drink to get home.  However, what happens when someone is injured in a drunk driving Lyft accident? Who is responsible for […]

Dangers of Distracted Driving in Maryland

Distracted Driving

Are you guilty of distracted driving? You may think because you do not text or use a cell phone while driving that you are an alert driver. Even though texting while driving and talking on a cell phone while driving are two of the most common distractions for drivers, these are not the only examples […]