Several People Injured in a Multi-vehicle Accident at the Baltimore County Line

Baltimore Police are investigating a multiple-vehicle accident that left several people injured.

The police got a call at 4:14 p.m. on Wednesday for a crash that occurred in the 6300 block of York Road at the Baltimore City-Baltimore County line.

The officers needed medics, fire departments, and tow trucks to help them at the scene. The accident is still under investigation and department officials informed that there were reported injuries.

Multiple accidents are complex and leave many questions at whose fault it was.

Being in such an accident (especially if you get injuries) can be a challenge because the victim should be sure who is at fault so they can file their claim.

If you were involved in such an accident and suffered injuries and damages, the best way to ease things up is to consult a motor accident attorney who has experience in such cases. The lawyer would review your case and guide you through the process.

Make sure you react fast and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer would collect evidence and gather info from potential witnesses. If necessary, they could request surveillance camera footage for better investigation.

It’s essential that you go through this process with a good lawyer. Otherwise, you are risking getting a lower claim or no claim at all. You should bear in mind that any insurance company will make sure to offer a lower settlement. They don’t care about your injuries; their job is to pay less.

To avoid this, consult our team at Pinder Plotkin. We have long experience in the area of auto accidents and personal injuries and we can tell you what you can expect. Schedule your first consultation free of charge today. We’re expecting your call.


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