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From the moment the accident occurs, you need to know that an insurance adjuster is going to be reviewing any possible way they can get out of paying in your case. They will want to take your recorded statement – DON’T DO IT!! Many times, the adjuster will delay in paying your lost wages and reimbursing your expenses.

The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has the experience and “team” (support staff) to protect your interests and move your claim forward. We can gather the medical records; make sure the doctor has expressed his medical opinion in a clear manner; and argue that your doctor knows you better than some insurance company doctor who saw you for all of 5 minutes. Indeed, most of the time our office can tell where the case is heading just by the insurer’s choice of doctor – Are they using a “hack” or an actual real doctor who will give them an honest opinion.

Workers compensation accidents can be life changing events. We have had clients who have lost their chosen careers; and have had to “start over” in a new job with new physical restrictions. In those situations, we push for retraining in a promising career; and fight for any loss of earnings you may experience in the future.


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Since 1988, this office has had the honor of representing the hard working crews responsible for loading and unloading ships docked at the Port of Baltimore.

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In order to qualify for benefits a worker must suffer an “accidental injury” or “occupational disease” arising from his employment.

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