Repetitive Motion Injury


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  • I am a welder. I can feel my hands getting weaker and they sure hurt. I got to get something done; but I cannot afford to.
  • I am a baker. I notice that after reaching all day my shoulder is killing me. I am trying to live with it but the pain is getting too bad even with extra ibuprofen. What do I do?
  • I am a mechanic. I can’t do my job anymore. My elbows are hurting so bad. The insurance company sent me to their doctor and they say they are not doing anything. It’s just not fair.

In order to qualify for benefits a worker must suffer an “accidental injury” or “occupational disease” arising from his employment. Not every injury on the job is covered, and so the meanings of “accidental injury” or “occupational disease” are very important when determining your eligibility for benefits. This is another reason why the help of an attorney from the very beginning to obtain the medical documentation prior to filing a claim.


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