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  • What is an MVA Administrative Hearing?
  • Where do I go?

  • My license has been suspended, how can I go to work?

  • I refused the breathalyzer and the MVA still suspended my license.

It is important to understand that the MVA hearing is separate from your criminal trial. The MVA Hearing Notice comes from the Office of Administrative Hearings. The Criminal Trial Notice comes from the District Court of Maryland. MVA Hearings are typically after you receive a guilty disposition for a criminal traffic charge, such as Speeding or Reckless Driving; however, if you are charged with a DWI/DUI you will be given a criminal trial and MVA hearing date at or around the same time (if you requested an MVA hearing in a timely manner).

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Like all litigation, the outcome is determined based on several factors, including the underlying facts and circumstances of the matter, your driving history, and what you have done since the underlying incident. In some cases it is unrealistic for your license to not be suspended. In those instances, we will advocate on your behalf for a restricted license, which may permit you to drive to/from work or school and medical treatment.

MVA Hearings are held at multiple locations throughout the State of Maryland; hearings for our clients are typically held in Hunt Valley and Annapolis.  It is important to review any Hearing Notice you receive. We recently had a client facing suspension for two separate reasons stemming from the same incident.

Both hearings were scheduled for the same date/time; however, one was in Hunt Valley and the other was in Annapolis. We moved to postpone and consolidate the hearings to the more convenient location.

Forms to review:

DUI Advice of Rights

Lost or Missing Traffic Citation Request Form

Driving Record Request

Traffic Citation Fines & Penalties


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