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Have You Been Injured From A Slip & Fall?

  • The floor had just been waxed and the store did not put up a slippery floor sign. I fell and broke my arm.
  • I tripped over an extension cord and dislocated my hip.
  • The rug slipped out from under me and I hurt my back.
  • My foot got caught in a hole and I fell. There was no lighting and I couldn’t see the hole.
  • The toilet seat was broken and I fell off the seat and hit my head.

Businesses and property owners are responsible for dangerous conditions they knew about or should have known about in Maryland. That being said, Maryland is a contributory negligence state, which means if the store is 99% at fault and you are 1% at fault you cannot recover damages. It is important to have an attorney evaluate the circumstances of your fall.

slip and fall injury attorney

The moments after a fall are extremely important:

  • If there are witnesses get contact information (address, phone number, e-mail);
  • Take pictures of the area around the fall (if you see someone mopping or buffing floors take their picture);
  • Take notes detailing the fall.  Include, your pathway through the store/business/property, including the names of any store employees you speak with (and the comments they make such as “I told my supervisor he needed to fix the carpet”);
  • Preserve any clothing (such as shoes, pants, shirts) and property (such as purse) that you were wearing at the time of the fall;
  • If available take photographs of maintenance schedules (ex. bathroom doors often contain a cleaning schedule);
  • If you are injured, seek medical treatment immediately; and
  • Contact the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team for a free consultation.


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