Dog Bites


Have You Been Injured From A Dog Bite?

  • I was just taking my grandson for a walk to the park. The big dog was just loose and came across the street and bit me when I went to keep it off of my grandson.
  • The “problem dog” in our neighborhood just bit me as I walked on the sidewalk next to their house.
  • The neighbor’s dog just jumped the fence and mauled my son. He’s at shock trauma.

Dog owners get so much joy from their well-trained “best friend”. Unfortunately, some people adopt dogs for the wrong reasons; and either intentionally abuse them; or fail to provide proper training or restraints when that dog acts “viciously” towards a person and causes injury – you need fast and effective representation to investigate the “truth” about that dog, including prior complaints; and the “consequences” – including plastic surgery scarring, and any psychological treatment that might be required.

Don’t let an insurance company take a second “bite” out of you – contact the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team today.

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Put our years of experience to work for you to help you through these tough times. From the moment you call us, we will intervene and stop the insurance companies from calling you—they gotta come through your Legal Team now!

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