Auto Accident


Have You Been Injured In An Auto Accident?

  • It wasn’t my fault. I’m hurt.
  • I have no car.
  • I’m missing time from work.
  • I called the insurance company and all they kept saying was how much they needed me to give a recorded statement before anything could happen.
  • What’s going to happen?

Put our years of experience to work for you to help you through these tough times. Making an insurance claim is a lot of work. From the moment you call us, we will intervene and stop the insurance companies from calling you—they gotta come through your Legal Team now!

Here is an outline of how a case moves with the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team.

We Start By:

  • Contacting all insurance companies. Who has money to pay my client? Even if the bad guy did not have insurance, we will look under every rock until we find a source of recovery.
  • What needs to be done to get the bad guy’s insurance to admit it was his fault?
  • Getting you back on the road by making sure property damage and rental car is approved.
  • Never let an insurance company take a recorded statement from you unless it is done with us on the phone. Insurance companies take recorded statements from you for one reason – to use them against you later.

We Know How To:

  • Make sure you are getting quality healthcare by a professional who is properly documenting the relationship of your injury to the incident – and its effect on your life. You are entitled to a doctor of your choice–not an HMO.
  • Make sure those medical bills are paid promptly through PIP (no-fault) insurance (if available) and without harassing contact from bill collectors – We are ready, willing and able to file suit against your PIP carrier if they arbitrarily reduce the amount of the reimbursable medical bills. This has become an increasing occurrence and unless we fight for you, it ultimately reduces the money in your pocket if you case settles.
  • Document your lost wages and out of pocket expenses to get you as much money through PIP to help you right away.


  • Think about settlement until your doctor says you are good as you are going to get. Are you “Good as new” or are you “just going to have to live with it”.
  • Charge you a penny for our fees or expenses unless we settle or win your case.
  • We then think about what the case is worth by looking at:
    • amount of medical bills.
    • period of pain and suffering –how did the collision interfere with your activities of daily life.
    • permanency – life expectancy.
    • the jurisdiction where the case is pending.

We Then Negotiate:

  • The “bad guy’s” insurance company gets a chance to make things right.

We Give You Advice On Whether:

  • To settle or not to settle – We will discuss with you what the insurance company has to offer – but you have the final say.
  • Bottom Line: Our recommendation is based on personal experience from hundreds of trials over the past 30 years.

We Listen to You:

  • You make the call to settle. If you are not happy, we are ready, willing, and able to file suit and go to court.
  • If suit- this office handles everything. We do not send or refer to other lawyers.

“Minimal Impact” Auto Collision Cases

We Don’t Play Their Game

In the past fifteen years, this office has seen more auto insurers routinely deny accident injury claims. They often argue that “if a car isn’t damaged, how could drivers or passengers, protected by seat belts and airbags, claim any harm?”  In fact, GEICO will often send you what we call a “Kiss-Off” letter refusing to pay for any injuries where the property damage is less than $1,000.00. MAIF, Allstate and State Farm are no better. Each of those insurers have dozens of lawyers in their local Baltimore offices who do nothing but take these cases to trial. We know their tactics, and also understand the seriousness of injuries caused to the human body in these cases. Many times, we do not even bother with negotiating and we proceed to suit as soon as you are released from care.

The insurers like to play a game where even though they deny your case or make ridiculous offers, they still want to lead inexperienced lawyers or “dabblers” into giving them a recorded statement from the client; signing medical authorizations for their lifetime medical records; and information about other claims – all before suit is even filed. The game is to delay and build up their defense.

We don’t play that game. If the insurance company wants to raise a defense – we make them do it in Court. We file suit; get a trial date; and get ready for Court.


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