Dog Bite Injuries

Do I Need a Maryland Dog Bite Injury Attorney to File a Claim?

Dog bite injuries can cause far more damage than just physical injuries. The emotional and mental trauma of being attacked by a dog can last much longer than the physical injuries. However, some physical injuries can also cause permanent impairments and disabilities.

Because dog bite injuries can result in substantial physical, emotional, and financial damages, it is best to consult with a Maryland dog bite injury attorney as soon as possible. Call 410-661-9440 to learn about your rights after being injured in a dog attack in Maryland.


Maryland Dog Bite InjuryYes, dog owners and other parties may be held liable when a dog bites or attacks someone. Maryland dog owners can be held liable under the state’s negligence or strict liability laws. When a dog owner fails to use reasonable care to prevent a dog bite injury, the owner may be held liable for damages. Likewise, if a dog is considered dangerous because it has bitten someone before, the owner may be held strictly liable for damages caused by a dog bite.

In addition to state animal control laws, counties and municipalities in Maryland also have dog control laws. Because the laws governing your dog bite injury claim may involve state and local laws, it is usually best to consult a Maryland dog bite injury attorney before filing a claim. You could have several causes of action depending on the circumstances of your case.


The steps you take after a dog bite injury are important. Failing to take certain steps or taking the wrong steps can negatively impact your chance of recovering full compensation for your injuries.

If you are bitten or attacked by a dog, remember to:

  • See a doctor immediately! A dog could have rabies or other diseases that could result in a life-threatening condition for you. You need to protect your health, but you also need to document your injuries for a claim.
  • Report the injury to local law enforcement. If you do not know how to report a dog bite or dog attack, contact your local police department, health department, or animal control department for assistance.
  • Document your injuries by taking pictures of the injuries immediately after the attack and throughout your recovery.
  • Document expenses related to the attack and your injury by keeping receipts and bills for all expenses and losses.
  • Do not discuss your injury online or with other parties before consulting with a Maryland dog bite injury lawyer.
  • Do not provide a written or recorded statement or sign any documents for an insurance provider until you speak with an attorney.


Dog attacks can have a lasting impact on your life. Children and adults can suffer permanent physical injuries and emotional issues for years after a dog bite.

For a free consultation with a Parkville dog bite injury lawyer, contact Pinder Plotkin LLC by calling 410-661-9440.

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